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Posted: May 4, 2014 in Blog post
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Truth behind the myth...


So Rivals ON AIR is out, clearing that from my calendar was a relief I’ll tell you. It’s nice to know it’s out there ready to be read. But I’ve done zero promotion and that’s maybe not a good thing. I’ll get around to it but I’m down to my last leg of the first draft of my next novel. I’m so close I can smell the finish line.
I’ve worked hard this week with various deadlines to meet but it’s like people say – when you’re doing something you love it doesn’t feel like work, and it’s true. My body doesn’t necessarily agree, when meals are missed and when it doesn’t see daylight for a couple of days. But my brain is happy.
Getting blinkered during a project can be the most invigorating and frustrating experience. When I can’t type fast enough to get the ideas out I push and push and push, then I realise I’ve done it! I’m there and it’s a home run!
With a few stretches after my typical rounds of the web essentials I then have to be creative – now! I roll my sleeves up (figuratively) and get on with it. Then my alarm goes to alert me to dinner time and I wonder where the day has gone because I’m sure I just sat down.
The worrying thing of course is when you realise the closest thing you’ve had to adult conversation in a week is your one-sided conversations with your laptop. I mean it speaks back – in my head of course – I know what Val is thinking, we spend enough time together after all. When she starts to lag or moan I remind her that she’s inanimate and has no excuse. I’m human. I haven’t eaten. I haven’t slept. So I don’t know what she is whining about.
Switching back to the real world is jarring. Rushing down the stairs and out the door this week I was assaulted by the bright glare of sunshine – I was wearing a scarf and heavy coat – it was raining the last time I went out… a few days ago.
I’m sure my bewilderment is as disconcerting to the masses, or my neighbours at least. Yes, situations like that previously mentioned are embarrassing but I’m sure my random smiling is more worrying. Still, at least I know it has a purpose, and there’s nothing like that moment of clarity when you know exactly what character A will say to character C, lol.
Typically as I’ve decided to shelf the Mistake Me Not sequel until at least after my next release sales have taken off. Great, I love it. It’s such a thrill to know that people are enjoying Lacie and Ryder. I relished my own love for them in the excerpt at the end of Rivals ON AIR. It’s saucy :p
But once I’ve rounded off the end of ‘Explicit Instruction’ I’ll maybe switch focus back. Writing the romantic suspense is such a gear change from the chicklit stuff. I love both but they require completely different mental processes. But ‘Explicit Instruction’ (my new project) has been very organic (as Annie Chambers from Rivals ON AIR would say). I think you guys will enjoy it. I hope you will. I’ve just written the final showdown so all that’s left is to tie up the ends – very exciting!
So I should get back to it, I hope you’re all enjoying your own adventures, and always remember to check the weather before you go out the house – learn from my mistake.



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