Shall I keep you in suspense…?

Posted: May 7, 2014 in Blog post
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Shall I keep you in suspense...?

So Rivals ON AIR is out. Explicit Instruction is the next title I’ll release. But what now…? I’m trying to decide what project to focus on next and I find myself torn – romantic suspense or romantic comedy?
I’ve kind of got myself into a groove with the suspense titles and they are a lot more fun to write. Lots of sex and violence and drama… certainly in the case of Explicit Instruction. I think I’ll have to attach an advisory notice :p If you get yourselves over to my Facebook page you’ll get a preview of the Explicit Instruction cover. The Mistake Me not sequel will be released summer/autumn 2014 depending on workload.
I want to say a special thank you to Ivy Emily for reviewing on Reviews don’t come easily, and I was humbled by her enjoyment.
Every writer wants to share their thoughts, their ideas, their stories, and it can be overwhelming trying to get them onto paper (so to speak). We can get blinkered. This is exactly the reason that it’s important to distance yourself in the edit. Put it down and walk away – going back to it weeks or months later can be an eyeopener.
I won’t intrude upon your time anymore. Everyone enjoy your adventures and look forward to the next one I cook up for you.


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