As I have always said.


Ok, when in doubt – write.
I’m getting it back. I still haven’t found my groove as such but being whiny-ass about it don’t help nobody.
So what have I done? I started work early this morning (business stuff) then did the school run and promised myself not to do anything writing related at all today, just to get the business work done.
I came back from the school run, made a coffee, and took a seat at my desk. Set in my mind that I was a business woman today and nothing else. Great idea right? Sometimes when you get so close to something and start freaking out the best thing to do is back off. I had decided to take a break “I am not a writer today.”
So seated at my desk sipping my too hot coffee I thought I’d have a meander before starting – I had to wait for my coffee to cool. I can’t work without a good slug of coffee (never mind the two cups I had before the school run but anyway).
Not a writer today. Not a writer today. Right. Great. I haven’t written a word of fiction, as such, I don’t think my tax return counts (jk… seriously I’m kidding, those guys get everywhere) I haven’t even done my tax return yet; it’s on the to-do list, hehe.
Waiting for coffee to cool, blow, and oh well I’ve got a free hand let’s check out Goodreads, did that, then (though I’d promised myself not to) I checked out KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) and had a look for new reviews.
At that point I remembered I wanted to try and get a newletter up and running. Bit of messing around and got that done quick smart. But I had to embed the code in my website so it was over to Wix, mess around with that. Why not try Google+ again (still can’t get my website to link, no idea why but it’s annoying because I’m doing everything right. I swear it!) I gave up on that after adjusting a few things.
Next I reminded myself that I was going to add a sneaky snippet to my website because none of my sneaky snippets thus far have been from the Mistake Me Not sequel. I’ve done Explicit Instruction and Rivals ON AIR but none from the sequel. But on remembering I was going to do that I reminded myself that I was going to play a little game with Explicit Instruction.
There is a preview of Explicit Instruction in the back of Mistake Me Not. But I thought I’d post said preview here then after I hit the target of getting say ten people subscribed to my newsletter I would send out the next part of Explicit Instruction on my newsletter to my subscribers as a thank you.
But I haven’t told anyone about the newsletter because I just set it up this morning. Hence, I found myself here.
I was a drag last night but all of my work this morning has given me a boost and now I’m thinking about the next section of Explicit Instruction that I have to work on. I was trying to make a decision about a conversation the heroine (Flick) has with a secondary character (Skeef).
In my eagerness to get that done I opened the Word file and stopped. I am not a writer today. My fingers pounced away from the keyboard because, “ah! I’m not a writer today!” When inspiration strikes it is always a good idea to grasp it, especially when I was ready Alt F4 the lot of it permanently last night. But then, oh no! It’s nearly lunch time and… I haven’t done a bit of business! All that work I did before the school run is still there but I haven’t finished it. My coffee’s cold! But I’m not a writer today, I’m a business woman… oops.
Oh well, my coffee’s cold now so I’ll go and make another one then when I sit back down I’ll be a business woman… just as soon as my coffee has cooled and I’ve fixed this little piece of dialogue 😉

Good luck on your adventures


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