Controversy, it’s part of our lives. You can’t turn around in this day and age without hearing about someone who has offended someone else. We all have to learn to be more tolerant, and to move with the times. The world is changing, and have to accept that yes, we really are all equal. On the flip side of that everyone is entitled to their opinion. As I’m writing this I suddenly find myself aware that I’ve probably offended a stack of people already.
So you’re wondering what I’ve been smoking this morning? Don’t worry, I’m perfectly healthy – at least that’s what the voices in my head tell me 😛
I’ve been mulling over Explicit Instruction. I’ve been doing it for weeks, and got some reassurance from a GoodReads discussion. The issue is that it’s explicit. I’ve mentioned before that it’s got a lot of sex and violence.
I’m new to the publishing thing so I’m concerned that those who have read Mistake Me Not might read it and be offended because there is strong language in it. On the other hand I don’t want new readers to experience Explicit Instruction and then download my other titles and be disappointed.
I’ve gone back and forth and had kind of convinced myself just to own it, you know, it’s there. It is what it is, and folks can take from it what they want. It’s Marmite. I’m link happy today :p
So Explicit Instruction is what it is and I’ve already realised that there’s no rush to get it out, because of that I’ve gone back to my mulling.
I’m working on a new RS title. I know. I know. I bounce from one project and straight onto the next. I love writing. I do it everywhere 😉 I sit in front of the TV with my Pukka pad. I write in my car (not while driving. I did that once and kept pressing the horn. Not really something you want to do when you’re actually acting illegally – “look at me”. Needless to say I’ve never done that again). I wake up in the middle of the night and write down a line of dialogue that just popped into my head. If an idea comes into my head while I’m in the shower I get out immediately – who needs to shave their legs ;). I tried writing on the tile but I type faster; won’t they hurry up and make the shower proof laptop :p Emoticon happy too it seems.
Where was I, oh yeah, new RS. I’ve got the first chapter all but done; approximately three thousand words so just shy. But it’s longhand on paper so I can’t give you an exact figure.
Writers have to handle rejection well and criticism too. Why did I bounce to this idea? I get excited about new projects like super excited. So because I’ve had a couple of reviews that made me stop and think, and bring Explicit Instruction into doubt again, the easiest thing? Start all over again.
Ideas aren’t a problem. Writing is hard work but I’m committed, sometimes (like all writers) too committed. It’s impossible to please everyone as I’ve discovered in my life so I’ll do what I always do and follow my instinct. I’ll let Explicit Instruction percolate for a while, and see if demand increases for my next work. In the mean time I’ll continue with my new project.
That being said, you all know that Explicit Instruction is finished. Did you notice I added an excerpt on my ‘Coming soon…’ section of the blog (also accessible at the top of this page). It’s not the whole excerpt available at the back of Mistake Me Not but it’s the first part. Have a read and if you like it go to the bottom of the page and “Like” Facebook (in the footer of all of my pages). If you want more I’ll post the rest on here. Then when I have enough newsletter subscribers I’ll send out the next part of Explicit Instruction in my newsletter.
I think it’s important to get you guys involved in the process as well as the outcome. So excerpts will certainly feature regularly in my newsletter. As always if you guys have any ideas, comments, or questions get in touch. Details are on the website and you can also sign up to the newsletter there. Scroll to the bottom of the webpage and enter your email address, that’s it. Don’t forget to “like” Facebook below if you want more of the Explicit Instruction excerpt posted on here. One more for the road 😉

Good luck on your adventures,


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