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Posted: May 16, 2014 in Blog post
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A Goodreads discussion got me thinking about where writers right. The great thing about the craft is that there is little space, apparatus, or physical energy required. We don’t have to worry about the weather, or our health, or of bothering anyone. We don’t have drum kits to disturb the household, or require an immediate audience as players on the stage do.
In thinking about that I began to think about all of the places I’d written creatively, kind of like thinking about the most exotic places I’ve had sex. The thing I find about writing is that though I can do (and have done) it very publicly I still find myself self-conscious. It’s not like I write fantasy (we had a brief dalliance but I found it so unpredictable and I got tired of waiting for the phone calls) so I don’t think that people around about me can read my mind or anything. But the world in my head is real enough to me that when I start thinking about the sexy scenes I’m sure I have to blush.
Being conscious of writing a sex scene in a public place is one thing, at least I have the decency to keep it to myself. But how many times have I found myself laughing and smiling because of something a character in my head just said? Too many.
Writers think about their work constantly and that was one of the points raised on the Goodreads discussion. Tonight while observing my son’s swimming club I was thinking about Beck, he’s a new guy I just made up (he’s in the new RS I mentioned ). I’m trying to figure out the leap from the meet to the conflict. I know what both of them are, and I have enough glimmers that I should be able to join the dots. While I’m thinking about that someone crosses my path and I realise I’ve been musing quietly with a frown on my face for about ten minutes. With a smile and a thumbs up I reassure my son that yes, your mother is still here and is totally paying attention.
So while I struggle with this character and if he would really say that thing that I’ve been thinking about, my thoughts go back to Explicit Instruction. But ironically this afternoon I was reading a contemporary romance. All of these pots on the boil, so many characters, so little time.
In all of this you have to think that I’ve forgotten about Ryder and Lacie. I haven’t. I promise. The sequel is actually getting the best deal here. I’ll mess around in this limbo period while I make decisions about Explicit Instruction. Once I have the final decision I’ll edit. It will go out. Then it will be Ryder and Lacie’s turn.
I had planned to publish another contemporary romance after Explicit Instruction because I’ve done it turn about (CR then RS) with XY Factor then Mistake Me Not followed by Rivals ON AIR but I have a feeling you guys are more interested in my romantic suspense work.
Newsletter news: thanks to those who have signed up! I do have some subscribers (phew) but not enough. I plan to send out my first newsletter next week. If we have enough subscribers you’ll get the next part of Explicit Instruction. If not, we’ll all have to wait.
There’s a sneaky snippet on my website of the Mistake Me Not sequel so be sure to check that out. Also, connect with me on Facebook I work for you guys, my readers, so it’s good to keep in touch! Have a good weekend!

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