Normal service has been resumed. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Posted: May 26, 2014 in Blog post
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I’m probably going to get the pants sued off me by the BBC for using that image, lol. Technically, this is a message for my American readers so it’s probably counterproductive to use a British symbol but hey, they probably have it over there too. Still, if you know any American’s let them know about this message, and the news contained herein :p
After haggling with Amazon this weekend the blip has been sorted and Mistake Me Not is now free on Amazon US again. Sorry for the issue but I promise it wasn’t me. Click here to go to Amazon and download the book.
Alternatively, if you know of any friends who have not yet read the book tell them to get over there now! Before Amazon try to pull rank again :p
I’m still looking for newsletter subscribers, so if you haven’t already get over to the website and sign up. It will be worth it this week 😉 trust me.
As an apology for the mix up Rivals ON AIR will be free for everyone on Sunday the first of June, put that date in your calendar to pick up your free copy. Remember, there is a sneak preview of the Mistake Me Not sequel in Rivals ON AIR.
Anything else…? No, I think that’s it. I’m keeping it brief (as you may have noticed). Again, sorry for the inconvenience, I hope it won’t happen again – the key work there being “hope”.

Good luck on your adventures,


PS MMN is free on Amazon UK still too, just in case.


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