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The title is perhaps somewhat optimistic but that’s what I’m blogging about today – reviews! I’m talking about them for two reasons, well three reasons I suppose, but the last one isn’t so specific.
Before I get to that let’s take a minute and think about reviews. Whether they are good or bad, reviews have an affect on the creator. It’s inevitable. When it’s a bad review some might sulk, or cry, or shout… ok, maybe that’s extreme, but it’s a negative impact. A positive review causes a positive reaction… thank goodness I’m here to point out the bleeding obvious, eh?
Us creative types have a flair for the dramatic at the best of times. But reviews aren’t about us. Reviews are about you, the reader, the consumer of our creative outcomes. The creator can learn from constructive reviews, improve on weak points highlighted, so reviews can actually help us. I know I’ve paid heed to some of the reviews I got for Mistake Me Not in my new work Explicit Instruction.
But it’s you. When you read a negative review either it makes you more eager for the product, or turns you off entirely. If there was a magic wand to wave that would make everyone like everything I’m sure someone would wave it. Though I imagine that would make for a rather dull world, what are we without debate?
But enough with the existential, I’m supposed to be preparing for launch.
That’s right, you heard me, the countdown for Explicit Instruction has begun. I’ll be releasing the ARC’s next week, so I’m looking forward to seeing what my reviewers think of Explicit Instruction – especially after I’ve been waffling about it all this time.
Rivals ON AIR is in need of reviews, and I’ve been sending out free copies for those who guarantee a review. If you’re interested go to my website and fill out the contact form with your email and preferred format. There are excerpts there on the website too if you want to read the Rivals ON AIR excerpt before you commit to reading the whole thing.
So reason one was the ARC’s of Explicit Instruction to highlight how close I am to launch. Reason two was about the Rivals ON AIR freebie to those who will review on Amazon. And the last reason is this, Mistake Me Not will soon lose its free status, so if there’s anyone who would like a copy of that to review please grab it off Amazon before the price goes up. If you’re reading this after that date please go to my website and ask me directly for it.
Last reminder – XY Factor is free on Sunday, don’t forget! You could never tell I’m not in this for the money, could you? :p

Good luck on your adventures,



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