It’s out, Explicit Instruction is now available on Amazon. Please buy it and review it if you like. It’s published, I’ve told everyone I know, and I’ve conveyed that message through all of my online channels.
Now that is out the way there’s only one question left to answer. What’s next?
I’m in that limbo phase now. As a writer there are always ideas crowding out my thoughts. One character, a scene, a line of dialogue that my sub-conscious wants to prioritise. It takes discipline and perseverance to write and thus moving through the phases of writing requires focus.
The phase I’m in now I like to think of as my “resting” phase. That doesn’t mean I’m doing nothing, because I am. What it means is that I’m between the fury of projects. Tunnel vision is common amongst us writers… or indeed any of us creative types. I can be consumed by a draft, or an edit, or the peripheral elements required in publishing – cover design, blurb, description, etc. Right now I’m not consumed. Being consumed means living and breathing the work, getting up at the crack of dawn and writing until you can’t sit up anymore. But it doesn’t mean I’m any less enthralled.
My next project is going to be the Mistake Me Not sequel. It’s written but I have decided to rework a section so I’ll plough into the editing to get it restructured. I’ve started already and am well on my way to getting the first re-draft together. I’ve done that while sorting the necessary parts of Explicit Instruction out and so I almost haven’t realised how much I’ve done! :p
My head is buzzing with another idea that’s desperately trying to take hold, it’s trying to claw the MMN aside to gain my focus but I’m fighting against it. The MMN sequel was written long before Explicit Instruction took over and if I let this other idea consume me MMN will be deferred again.
But the sequel is written. Luckily I’m working with a cover designer already for the sequel so a September launch looks secure at this time… providing I don’t change my mind again!
I haven’t yet decided if I’m going to continue the Mistake novels after this sequel. I do have an outline written and researched for my favourite Stone man – can you guess which it is? 😛 It’s certainly not pressing. I might let this other idea crowd in. But I got a review for Explicit Instruction today on – not bad for launch day – that called for a sequel of Rushe and Flick’s story! Rushe is quite a hero! But it’s only launch day, we’ll see if it sticks. In the meantime…

Sneaky Snippet

‘My boyfriend’s a bodyguard,’ Lacie said. ‘Sorcha got it right. How many ways do you know how to kill a person?’
‘One’s enough,’ Ryder said. ‘But I believe in variety.’
Lacie leaned in close. ‘I know. I share a bed with you.’

Good luck on your adventures,



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