I’m home and blogging before I’m fully unpacked but what can I say? I missed my office.
I love coming home. It’s always a hassle with the washing and the re-stocking of cupboards, no doubt someone has left something behind and there are bills on the mat. But, I’m home.
I love to travel. I always have. It’s something I did much more in my younger days (pre-parenthood) but every time I travel in my home country I’m reminded of just how beautiful it is.
Anyway blah, blah, blah, moving on… I came home to an R2R request for ROA and a one-star review for EI. But I’m still buzzing. As I traverse this path of publishing I’ve learnt that there are more than a few bumps and I’m much better at dealing with negativity. This reviewer was very polite, considerate, and respectful so that might help too :p
So without getting too bogged down in my rambling I came to blog to tell you all that I was back, open to requests and questions, lol. Before I went away I was feeling weighed down, sluggish, not at my creative best but eureka! I feel revitalised and refreshed now! It looks like this break was just what the doctor ordered for my writing.
I got quite a few pages down, I’ll transcribe them tonight and check out the word count. I haven’t completed anything and maybe under other circumstances I could have achieved more but it’s back, the juices are flowing. My well of passion was running on low pre-break, now it’s filled to overflowing… let’s hope it lasts! 😀

Good luck on your adventures,



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