Yes, you heard me right, I said sex.
I feel a bit like a pinball at the moment, bouncing about all over the place, only to hit one wall and fire off into another. I don’t know what to do. I’m completely torn.
As I’ve told you guys before I’ve had contradicting opinions on the volume of sex had by Rushe and Flick. Now lets leave aside for a second that the word “Explicit” is in the title. Let us also leave aside that fact that just about every review references the fact that there is a copious amount of sex. Oh, and that there’s a warning in the description. Somehow readers are still surprised that there is so much sex in the book.
My frustration comes from the fact that half of readers want implied sex and half want explicit sex. Some want it soft and slow, others want Rushe to take what he wants. Maybe the most confusing part is when people talk about how unbelievable it is that Flick suddenly wants lots of sex. They are in an intense situation and most relationships start out heavy on the sex. Rushe wants it too but no one has mentioned that.
Anyway, it sounds like I’m pouting but I’m not, I’m just frustrated. Having readers connect with my work, and enjoy it, is my highest goal. But somehow I just can’t seem to do it. All I want to do is write interesting characters in interesting situations and entertain the audience, to have you engage with those I create.
When people read sci-fi they expect spaceships and/or unfathomable technology because it’s par for the course. Romance novels have to feature some physical connection, whether it’s a kiss, or an implied sex scene, there has to be something, doesn’t there?
I’m feeling the sting because I’m editing Explicit Detail (the Explicit Instruction sequel) so if the sex has to be cut, now is the time to do it. I’m tempted to get out the red pen. I’ll put in the warning this time that there is no sex whatsoever. Will that warning work? I made a joke once about writing a “clean” version and an “author’s cut”, it would delay publication but I’m increasingly tempted to do just that.
Grr, I’m so indecisive. Does the sex matter? Should it make the final cut, or should readers be relied upon to use their imagination?

Good luck on your adventures,


  1. April says:

    In this reader’s opinion, do not cut the sex scenes and don’t hold back. Those if us reading the sequel already love Rushe and his no holds bar attitude. That’s what I’m hoping for in Explicit Detail.

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