It’s a declaration, not an apology. But it suddenly hit me yesterday evening as I was driving: I am batsh*t crazy!
We all have our quirks. At least, I think we do. But when I was driving along thinking about a particularly interesting plot idea my son spoke. Which is fine, but I have a tendency to burst into song when he does that.
Now the boy laughs, I’m just being silly, but I realised while looking at the faces of other drivers, no one else was laughing their head off and singing songs from Annie. He used the word “tomorrow” that was enough for me. I also do Cats, West Side Story, Grease… but it’s not just show tunes, oh no. I can turn lots of words from normal conversation into song. I do seventies disco, eighties rock & new romantics. I do nineties pop and dance. I do indie, alternative, Beatles, Elvis, Queen… just about anything :p When Britney is relevant I crank up the air con, I put on quite a show, lol!
So this got me thinking, is this normal behaviour? No, probably not, though I do it for the laugh most of the time, I do have other quirks.
I don’t watch a lot of TV but whenever I do I have to have the subtitles on, TV show, DVD, whatever, I have to read it. To the point that when I go to the movies and there are no subtitles I’m a little perturbed and unsure exactly what I’m supposed to “do” with myself. Others hate it, but I have to have subtitles (I should point out here that there is nothing wrong with my hearing… my singing on the other hand… :P)
I also have a tendency to narrate hypotheticals, so having a conversation with me can take a while :p I’ve probably said enough now, so I won’t list more of my “quirks”.
So I wonder, are others like this? Or do others wake up, shower, brush their teeth, dress, go to work, then come back and eat dinner just to go to bed. Or do other people say, “Let’s go this way”, just to see what happens?
It’s bad enough that most of my time is occupied making up people and scenarios, and I know that us “creative” types are typically nuts, which leads me to the question: does being certifiably insane make me a better writer? It doesn’t really matter, I suppose, but I have to feel for my child.
What other parent would be over the moon to hear their child talking to their computer? The thing he plays with most is the giant, empty cardboard box in the middle of this room – he plays both sides of the finale showdown. Typically there’s no love interest, but he’s young, he’ll get there :p
Do other parents beam with pride when their baby asks for subtitles on the TV so he can “read along”? Bedtime stories often lead to epic sagas involving sub-plots and secondary characters… oh my poor angel baby!
I take solace because I’ve heard that crazy people don’t actually know they’re crazy, so that means I can’t be, right? Though that in itself does beg the question… just what did I think I was before last night? :p

Good luck on your adventures,


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