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Posted: August 27, 2014 in Blog post


So it was brought to my attention (you know who you are) that my post yesterday showed only one side of Rushe. Some would argue that his softer side is not his most dominant… the most vehement opponent to that point of view would be Rushe himself!
What makes him different? Is he just a sweet guy with a kind heart and a gentle nature… ok, stop laughing! Yes, anyone who has read Explicit Instruction knows very well that those are way down the list of qualities that people would mention in relation to Rushe.
Showing his other side, his dominant side, his most prominent side, isn’t as easy on this publicly accessible website, because his language has a tendency to be well… explicit. Don’t say you haven’t been warned!
I’ll try my best to give you a taster in as unoffensive language as I can muster, or rather Rushe can because he says it himself.

“‘Listen,’ he said, leaving their glasses to come up in front of her. ‘I’m a forward guy. I know what I want, and I take it.’”
–Rushe, Explicit Detail

Being soft isn’t natural for him. His default position is to be tough, no nonsense, show no weakness.

“In truth, the man who had been patient with her, who had communicated and made love with her, he was the new man; he was the man she created.”
–Explicit Detail

The harsh reality of who he is means that during his hard life he has been used to intimidating others. Flick sees that truth, that torture in him, but it doesn’t make deter her.

“‘I’ve killed men,’ he said. ‘I’ve gutted them and watched them die slow. Why don’t you fear me?’”
–Rushe, Explicit Instruction

Things aren’t always easy.

“‘Where are you going?’ she asked.
‘I’m thirsty.’
‘We’re talking.’
‘I don’t argue with women.’
Flick cursed out at him but Rushe just carried on out of the room leaving her there.”
–Explicit Detail

But his savage nature isn’t always a bad thing.

“‘I’m not having sex with you for a month.’
‘Seems like that’s up to me right now,’ he said insinuating his finger inside her, and following it with another.”
–Flick to Rushe, Explicit Detail

Things may not always be simple, but they will always be interesting.

“‘You’re not going to convince me that this meant nothing, that I mean nothing. I know you love me.’
‘Yeah,’ he hissed and the anger in his eyes fell to her mouth, then her breasts. ‘Why the f*ck did I have to fall for you?’”
–Flick to Rushe, Explicit Detail

So you see, our Hero has many facets. It may be true that not every diamond sparkles, but with the right care and attention who knows what a gem you could find.

Good luck on your adventures,


  1. april says:

    Chills…that man gives me chills! Gotta love Rushe:)

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