Reaching out.

Posted: September 21, 2014 in Blog post
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One of the most difficult parts of being an indie writer is engaging with readers. The difficulty comes not in getting the information of your work out there but in making the reader feel valued enough to understand that they are a part of the adventure.
Every single person who purchases a book has made a decision that effects the life of another. Without realising it you have made the day of the author. In fact, let me correct myself, you don’t even have to purchase the book, you can borrow it through schemes like KU and KOLL or even from the library. Every book you read is the product of hours of toil on the part of the author. Whether you enjoy the book or not, your initial decision to take the risk and use your time to absorb those words placed together by the author is honouring that writer.
Now I’m not here to suck up, oh no. I mean yes, readers should be revered and valued, we should treat them as precious jewels shining a bright light for others to see that may perhaps beckon others to the novel that reader has enjoyed. But they’re also terrifying. Readers hold a tremendous amount of power because love it or loathe it, you can help to make or break the destiny of a novel, or indeed a writer.
But we have to reach out. Writers have to have faith in their readership and trust that they will engage and embrace the worlds and characters we create.
To help my readers connect with each other and with me there is now a group on Goodreads dedicated to discussing books I have written and characters I have created. It’s a new space and so the endeavour is still burgeoning but the goal will be to bring all of the information on my work into one place for others to discover and discuss it.
I have to stress that while I write the words and bind them together into a narrative, the worlds and people in those books are a part of you as well. Not one of them is solely mine and I cannot tell you how to feel about any character or situation. I may wish for you to experience them in a certain way but each person who reads one of my books will have a different adventure. We place a part of ourselves in these novels and your own life knowledge will alter your view of these scenarios. I think it’s great.
So I want everyone to get involved in this new group and everyone to share their views and experiences of the novels I have written. We all have more to learn in life and sharing knowledge is one of the greatest gifts any of us can bestow. So click here or on the picture at the top of this post and come along to get involved.
Explicit Detail will be released in nine days and there is a chance to win an advance copy of the novel at the group. But even if you choose not to join I would like to take this time to say thank you. Thank you for reading and long may your love for it continue.

Good luck on your adventures,



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