It’s out! Yes, that’s right, Explicit Detail is now officially available in all Amazon territories.
It turns out that release day is actually a bit of an anti-climax. With the introduction of pre-orders most people who wanted their copy early ordered ahead of time. Pre-order sales, as it turns out, don’t actually translate into a bump in Amazon rankings so from my POV everything is the same today as it was yesterday. There was no anxious waiting to see who would be interested in picking up their copy because I already had the pre-sales figures.
But pre-orders are a great thing. They mean that readers can ensure to get their copy of the novels that they want and they won’t forget or miss out. I’ve already set up the pre-order function for my next release and it’s currently working its way through Amazon’s system.
Getting a book out is always a relief. I don’t have to worry about walking out in front of a bus now, the book is out, no stopping it now. Well, I should say that I have to worry less about walking out in front of a bus, but should also note that I do still intend to look both ways before crossing the street.
The apprehension I feel this time is lessened by the fact that Explicit Instruction is already out there, so I hope that more people will be aware of Rushe’s ways. But that doesn’t ease the worry altogether. Rushe doesn’t become a different character over night and so he’s still abrupt and crude, and rough, and foul-mouthed… need I go on? Flick has her work cut out. But it’s the reaction of the readers that makes me nervous. If you’re not expecting Rushe then he can be quite a surprise. The sex is full-on and dirty, and pretty constant at the start so buckle up if you plan to read it :p
With the pre-order promotion done and the majority of initial sales now over, my work is sort of already done. All I can do now is hope that people will read and respond positively. I turn my faith over to the readers with the dream that you will enjoy Rushe and Flick and then tell your friends. It’s your word of mouth that we authors rely on. You are all-powerful as far as we’re concerned. So please read Explicit Detail, if you can, and spread the word. Tell your friends to tell their friends, and we can make sure that Rushe is experienced by any and all who enjoy a good dose of drama and passion. He believes himself so unloveable, maybe we can prove him wrong.

Good luck on your adventures,


  1. april says:

    I love this blog, it’s one of my favorites. And that picture is HOT! Totally how I picture Rushe and Flick:)

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