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Posted: November 19, 2014 in Blog post
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The XY Factor – Amazon US

The XY Factor – Amazon UK


The two of them may have grown up in the same town but their ways couldn’t have been more different – he was the rebel and she the invisible princess. No one knew of the chance encounter between Darcy and Sloan on his last night in town almost a decade and a half ago.
But when Inverquay needs money Darcy steps up to take part in her worst nightmare – a TV talent show. Things don’t go to plan and she ends up under the glare of the media spotlight. In the big bad city she’s alone, and to a small town girl that’s inconceivable; but no one knows why she’s there so Darcy has no one to rely on.
Sloan swore he’d never go back to Inverquay and after thirteen years he’d rid himself of the town that had forsaken him. Until he stumbles upon the girl he met only hours before he roared away from Inverquay on his bike, and she trusts him… now why in the hell would she do something as stupid as that?

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Rivals ON AIR – Amazon US

Rivals ON AIR – Amazon UK


Rivals on reality radio… one award nomination reception… one picture.

Hunter and Annie hadn’t met, not until they were thrown together by their bosses to justify that kiss. One kiss, one picture, and their worlds collide.
Their audiences clamour for more. The press are speculating, and truthfully… they can’t stand each other. But now they’re in each other’s lives, because how can they walk away from that picture with their credibility?
Each spend show after show goading and teasing the other, so their bosses come up with the solution – fall in love… though not really, of course.
Nevertheless, the competition is heating up and the numbers are too close to call. Hunter’s boss Theo won’t have it. They need edge. They have to win this, because both stations are running the same format. Whoever wins the award takes it all… the loser will have to cancel.
Annie’s getting under Hunter’s skin. Theo questions his professionalism, and demands that he proves his mettle. Ethical, schmethical – get into the girl’s underwear, make her believe it’s real, and she’ll be begging them to win the award.
The fragile trust between the pair burgeons, yet their careers drive their lives, and this was always just a gimmick… wasn’t it?
Then Annie makes the move and invites Hunter into her bed… what’s a man to do?

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Check out the books if you can guys 🙂 Excerpts of each can be found on the website –

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