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Raven FB


He’s mysterious and alluring,
Dominant and powerful.
He keeps her grounded,
And lets her fly.

After a date ends in disaster, Zara Bandini is drawn into a conspiracy of dark lies and hidden motives. Bidding farewell to blissful ignorance, she must betray those who trust her to prevent evil from murdering innocent civilians.

Raven guides her, shields her, and seduces her…
Now Zara has to protect her heart while saving the world.

Warning: Contains explicit language and imagery. Suitable only for ages 18 and over.


First Raven

Raven Teaser2POSS


She boosted herself up using the bed as a support and encouraged him on by opening her mouth on his jaw to rasp her teeth on his stubble. She wasn’t afraid of him. She wanted to provoke him. To unleash the truth of his darkness that he tried so hard to hide. But before her tongue could meet his skin, he grabbed her face and urged her away.

He scowled, aiming his hostility toward her mouth. “You’re my plaything now. My house means my rules.”

Shoving her jacket and her shirt down her arms, he twisted her elbows to yank the apparel off and cast it aside. Unsatisfied with what he’d revealed, he ripped the fabric strip connecting her bra cups to expose her breasts.

He bent his knees to collect up her half-naked body and closed his mouth on one breast while perching her on the frame of his bed. Hooking her feet on the plank that supported the mattress, she opened her legs around him to arch herself into his imploring mouth. He sucked and licked one breast, and took the other in his palm to fondle it. Then, sucking his mouth free of her bosom for long enough to lick his fingertips, he swirled and circled her nipples between them, alternating his fingers and his mouth, until the cramp in her belly made her hiss.

Massaging her nipples with the pads of his thumbs, he kissed the corner of her mouth. “Oh, she’s pretty,” he said with perverse pleasure. “Knows just what that hot body can get her.”

Her constricted lungs barely allowed words to seep from the threshold of her mouth. “There’s only one thing I want,” she ground the words out through her gritted teeth.

Zara combed her fingers into his hair as he moved south to kiss her chest again. When he snagged her nipple in his teeth, she coiled her digits tight against his scalp.

Pulling the taut peak in his mouth with him as he retreated, he only released it when it would come no further. “You think you’ll find it here?” he asked.

Sliding her hands through his tresses, to his jaw and up to his face, she compelled his head up, away from its task, so that she could look him in the eye. “I already have,” she said and wrapped her legs around him.

As her ankles locked, he reached around to grab them and wrench them apart. Using his hold on her limbs, he yanked her forward, forcing her to stand. One of his strong hands drove itself beneath her waistband and sent her skirt fluttering to the floor, before he stepped back to get a better view. Left in only her panties and stockings, she was fired up by being on show for him, and from the reaction in his jeans, she’d say he liked what he saw.

“She’s naughty,” he muttered as though to himself. “Do you like dressing dirty?” With one arm, he lunged forward to capture her. He yanked her body onto his so tight that she struggled to breathe. But she loved the way he held her, how his strength could overpower her. Despite what he was capable of, he could never use that strength or his lethal skills against her. Having immunity from him was a thrill in itself. “You dress to drive men wild?”

“I dress for me,” she said, trying to push away from his embrace simply because she knew she couldn’t.

Using his mass, he crushed her against the end of the bed. She was lost in the intensity of his eyes, but yelped when he snatched her panties and ripped them away from her fizzing skin before he let his other arm enclose around her.

When he bowed nearer, she tipped her head back to avoid his kiss, because riling him enlivened her. But he opened his mouth and sucked the neck she’d exposed for him.

The bite of power in that kiss made her yelp. “Oh, God…”



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Find chapter one on Scarlett’s website at:


Writer of the Explicit Series, Scarlett Finn has published over a dozen romance novels.

Finding her solace in books, reading and writing have been her eternal companions through all the highs and lows of life.

Be it romantic suspense or contemporary romance, she loves to explore the mystery of love and is guided by the complex heroes and strong heroines who lead the way.

Writing what she loves to read, her raunchy novels jump into action from page one and keep the reader on their toes all the way to the end.

It’s an adventure and you’re invited along for the ride!









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We all spend so much time thinking about what is not done, “You didn’t take out the trash,” “you forgot to buy milk…” etc. that we so often fail to notice the things that are done.
Taking things for granted in life is something we have all been guilty of. That’s why so often praise or gratitude is surprising, quite often if people show me gratitude for something I think it’s the start of a joke :p
Don’t for a second think that I’m going to start singing about appreciating the warmth of the sun on your face and the sweet, delicate melody of the birds chirpring in the trees. By all means appreciate those things, you should. But today I want to think about appreciating the other humans around us.
Now I know it’s easy to get mad at the kids, and at your husband when he didn’t “hear” you tell him about the neighbour’s dinner party. You should get mad, I’m sure they deserve your wrath 🙂 But we are nothing alone. Our family and our friends are what propel us forward. Our ambition determines how high we aim. But at the end of the day everyone needs help to achieve lofty goals.
So thank you. That’s really the aim and simplicity of this blog. Every single person who reads this is doing me a kindness. Every person who reads my books, love or loathe, review or not, you’re all doing something nice for me.
I have to show my gratitude to you all. If I could thank every person who bought my book, or read my comments on social media, then I would. But I think I would come off as a bit creepy if I started following all you guys around.
So I want to take this chance, on this platform, to thank you all for having faith enough to take a risk and read my work. All of you are valuable to me, and if I could show you my gratitude personally I would… in a completely non kinky way, promise, lol.
So often we hear about authors, of all varieties, and we hear of publishers, and of distributors, so often the reader is overlooked. There is no industry without you guys. Would it matter if half the writers out there stopped writing? Not as much as if half the readers suddenly stopped reading. You have to be respected by authors, all of you, by every part of the machine. Don’t underestimate your power. By sheer will alone you have the power to change the market. Pick a book you love and tell everyone you know, they tell everyone they know, and suddenly this little pile of words that spoke to you has taken the world by storm. That is the power you have.
Writers shouldn’t be revered, yes, they should be respected for the hard work and perseverance that it takes to produce the goods because it is a long journey. But that journey has no destination without the reading community. Yes, writers are readers, they have to be, there’s absolutely no equivocation on that, but we’re not the most important ones.
The most important person in a writer’s world is… you. Not the guy next to you, not the guy running the country, not even the distributors and publishers who are slugging it out. Let them have their war. This is about you. I have to connect to you. I have to work hard, for you. No one else. I don’t do it because I think I’m going to tempt a million readers. I want to connect with you. I want my words to affect your life, even if only for a few seconds. I want them to provoke a reaction. I want your heart to beat faster, or I want it to spasm with sorrow. I want you to laugh. I want you to cry. I want you to care.
My characters don’t belong to me. They are yours, they are what is in your heart, and in your head. They are what you want them to be. All I do is assemble thoughts and scenarios, the emotion is yours, it’s in you, you make the story what it is.
So thank you for taking a risk. Thank you for reading. Thank you for infusing my stories with sensation. Your wonderful mind processes the words I put together and causes that sentiment to your senses. You see it, you feel it. You are the story. It is for you. You have my eternal gratitude.

Good luck on your adventures,



I had a moment of clarity this week, which is great. On the back of that revelation I then made two decisions and one mistake.
Want to know about my epiphany moment? Well, as counter-intuitive as this may sound I realised: good reviews actually help me improve more than bad ones do. I know this might sound backward. Maybe you think it’s just my ego dismissing negative reviews as obvious garbage. A lot of them are not, but a lot of them are. People who enjoyed reading my work, those that leave positive reviews, actually care about the novel and I find that people will often point out areas for improvement. They also point out what works, what they enjoyed, thus allowing me to become aware of what I am doing successfully.
Most bad reviews tend to be about slinging insults or they’re completely unhelpful like, “hated it”, or “rubbish”, those might be valid opinions but they don’t really help me improve as an author.
So my two decisions? The first was to forget all about reviews completely. I decided that I would pick a day of the month to read them all, good and bad. Amazon don’t notify authors of reviews so we have to check just like the rest of you do. It can be a hold your breath, close your eyes, ignore your pounding heart moment when you click through your titles (on the different territory websites). I don’t check reviews as often as I used to. In the early days I was on every day, hoping and praying that someone enjoyed my work. Now I try to only look if I’m doing something else, lol.
The second decision was to reach out more to those who do enjoy my work, and ask them about areas I’m uncertain of. Like tonight on Facebook I asked about the frequency of sex my characters should enjoy. The question was on the back of a reviewer mentioning that they believed there was too much sex. It was a positive review and it was superb. But it’s exactly what gave me my epiphany moment. The reader enjoyed the work and reviewed but also pointed out something specific that I could look at again. It was brilliant for me! Honestly, it was a great experience. The reviewer made me think about my work. I asked people who I knew had read my work what they thought, and so I moved forward. I felt like I had progressed, something had been done.
So fantastic, all very good, right? Well, yeah, but then I made a mistake. It wasn’t really a mistake. Well, ok, yes, I suppose it was. But it was unintentional. I went to a website that carries one of my novels, a website I hadn’t checked since loading the novel. What did I find? A bad review. A long bad review. I read it – of course – and now I feel like complete crap and I don’t want to write any more tonight. It’s ludicrous that I should let one opinion sap my mojo but it’s done. I can’t undo it.
I’ll wake up tomorrow stronger. These things don’t last forever. But my mood is low, my creativity has been flushed away, and anyone who says they are always completely unaffected by bad reviews is lying.
I made the decisions, stuck with it, felt good, moved forward, and now it’s four steps back.
Anyway, the original premise is still in place. I’ll stick with my two decisions. But damn, I wish I hadn’t read that. It’s so typical, isn’t it? You’re free and flying high, then your wings melt.
Thank you for the support you’ve all given me though. I do feel petulant in moments like this. I know it’s dramatic. It’s irrational and uncalled for. But it’s honest and that’s all I can be. The positive support has been overwhelming and I still struggle to comprehend how any of this is real. People have read my work. Wow… I’m… it’s just amazing. Thank you everyone.

Good luck on your adventures,


Headless chicken

I promise to write something meaningful as soon as I have time to spare! But in the meantime I wanted to let you know that Explicit Instruction is on Goodreads! So check it out, there is a review there already, and remember to add it to your lists!


Good luck on your adventures,


Sneaky peek… like this page for more in the future…

Check out the taster…

Mistake Me Not – Free!

I actually mean it this time :p it turns out that not everything is quite how it seems. But in an attempt not to disappoint this is a link to Mistake Me Not – free for real and for all.

Free on Amazon now!

Mistake Me Not – Free on Amazon now!

It’s been a while I know but I’ve been a busy bee. I should say upfront that Mistake Me Not is free on Amazon at the moment so please feel free to check it out if you haven’t already, and please let any curious friends know too.
I’m outlining the details of a new project at the moment, which I am thrilled about. Rivals ON AIR has been edited and will be released at the beginning of May!
My new project is another romantic suspense novel; it starts with the heroine’s cab breaking down and her day goes from that to worse 🙂 I’m very excited about it but I’m very excited about everything I write. With this novel I’m having a debate with myself about how much – or rather how graphic – I want to make the intimate scenes. Those that I have sketched are quite graphic but I want to be loyal to my audience. Some books don’t require details and sometimes it feels natural so I’ll consider the different avenues.
As I’ve said in the past I have several novels finished. My decision at the moment is about if I should carry on editing and releasing, or if I should just concentrate on my writing.
Since I’ve started publishing I have enjoyed getting my work out there to be read. Some characters, or situations, in particular stick out for me and I’d like others to enjoy them too. I have two in mind for release next (whether now or later). I won’t make a final decision until after I’ve got my new project laid out, and seen how Rivals ON AIR goes across.
With the spring break I’ve had my son, and my relatives, around so it’s taken some time away from my usual work routine – hence the delay in blogging. When I write something for you guys I like to think it can be informative and entertaining. So what should I do? Are you more interested in how I lay projects out? How I edit? Or how I choose what to release and when?
I have to say that while I love all of my work I am leaning a little toward the next Stone Investigations installment. But quantity isn’t as important as quality and so I might wait until I’m a novel ahead on that one. Mistake Me Not has been received well, and I’ve been grateful for all your words of support. I can’t wait for you all to read Rivals ON AIR, and if anyone wants another sneak peek of that one let me know. I’m happy to reward those of you who go through the process with me because writing here does help me out.
So I’ll leave you to your reading time. I’ll get my little one back to school and get back to my routine then we’ll see where the adventure takes us. I can’t wait.


We all have it in us...

We all have it in us…

There aren’t enough hours in the day. Shoehorning in the time to do all of the things that we need to do is hard enough, let alone trying to fit in the things we want to do.
We’re back! Might not mean much to most of you; my son and I have been away this week but we’re home now. My work schedule over the weekend is jam packed, simultaneously I’ll be trying to get my inspiration onto paper. Every once in a while inspiration hits, sometimes I enjoy it in the moment then mentally move on. Other times one idea leads to another and before you know it I’ve got half a novel in my head – and half a novel is all it takes.
So while parenting, running my business, and editing Rivals ON AIR (it has a name now), I am getting my inspiration onto paper. The funny thing is the idea struck me a while ago and I’ve been musing on it. But during the long drive home I pondered it. I don’t need a lot of brainpower for staying on the road it seems, lol.
I get so much enjoyment out of writing that the extra work isn’t a chore for me. I often feel for Val my Vaio because she gets less rest than I do. From the moment I wake up until the moment I go to bed my computer is on. It’s never off. I at least get pleasure from my writing, the computer can’t say the same thing; though being inanimate probably helps.
Anyway, let’s talk about Rivals ON AIR. I’m so pleased I’ve decided on the title. Oddly, naming things can be the most difficult part of the process. The title has to be catchy, and if possible weave into the story in more than one way. This one does it for me. I can’t wait for you all to get to know Hunter and Annie, I hope you all grow to love them as I do.
A story can be expanded and trimmed. Ideas incorporated whilst others are thrown out. The process is dynamic, it has to be organic (as Annie would say) and getting the details straight in the course of the story is of course paramount. So many times I’ve got an idea into my head and I rush off to get it out of me but find myself stumbling over the first hurdle… who are these people?
I’m not sure how many of you are writers and so I wouldn’t want to be teaching you how to suck eggs (lovely expression, eh?) so suffice to say that not getting the details hammered out early can lead to delays further down the line.
As far as marketing goes I’m at a bit of an impasse because I just don’t have the time to do it properly. Then again, even if I did have the time I probably wouldn’t have the money. One avenue that I’ve used with both Mistake Me Not and XY Factor I’ve decided isn’t worth the money – two avenues actually but I called the first a dud a while ago.
Truthfully, I do what I can but as all indie writers know the curse of the review – or rather lack thereof – can make or break us. Readers don’t review very often and so without the word of others to encourage would-be readers of our work we’re a bit stuck. I can tell you how great my novel is until I’m blue in the face but I wrote it so I’m ever so slightly biased.
So I trundle on. I’ll get the boring stuff out the way and get Rivals ON AIR released when I can though there’s no real rush. I’m excited about it but I’m the only one – and I’ve read it! Hehe.
Have fun y’all, don’t work too hard, and remember to always make time for fun!

Have fun on your adventures,


Write, write, and write again...

I love to write – yes, contain your gasps of surprise – it’s hard work but fun, so I don’t really notice the work part very often. Every person’s process is different; please note that I said “person” because most people do write at least on occasion. Whether you’re jotting down a lunch order, or writing a memo, writing takes time from all of our lives. We have our internal codes, little notations in the way we reference certain things so as to be assured we remember them or act correctly; our own writing flair, if you will.
The difference of recreational writing – and I mean beyond just your usual plot, characters, themes, style etc. – is that once is never enough. I’m editing at the moment as anyone who’s read my Facebook page knows. Editing is a difficult process. It’s not quite as fun as the writing part, but it is good to relive what you have created.
As I’m sure most of you are aware a key part of the editing process is walking away, yes you heard me right – walking away. Once you have finished a (in my case) novel there’s a buzz. A “yippee it’s done”, then you back-up once on the flash pen, and again on two separate Clouds just in case, and then you close the file. If you’ve been ensconced in the characters world for weeks and months walking away can throw you a bit off kilter. But I take a deep breath, make a coffee, and think about what’s next – which is not editing.
Walking away gives time and space for your brain to snap back into reality then gives you distance to allow a better perspective – at least in theory – and it works for me. Editing can be a slog, and if I’m tired I stop because I don’t want to get lazy, lol. But over the years I’ve adjusted my process and I’ve found tricks to make the procedure better and more interesting.
So I’m rambling about editing because it’s relevant to what I’ve been up to. But I’m blogging because I have a conundrum. Being an indie author is great because you have the freewill to enjoy the process without being bogged down in the business side of things. But the difficulty in that is you also have to make your own decisions.
Here’s my point, Mistake Me Not has gone out and people seem to enjoy reading Lacie and Ryder’s tale as much as I did creating it. But I have another standalone novel, which has been finished for a while, and I’m just going through the editing process with now.
So here’s the question, do I carry on editing and get the standalone out there ASAP? Or do I go back to finish the next novel in the Stone Investigations series? The next one is basically done; I’ve got enough mapped out for another couple.
Anyhow, I want to ensure that my readers have what they want, and I’m happy to accommodate them. But while I’m still trying to carve out a fan base I’m getting little feedback so I have no idea what people want!
I have to say a special thank you to those who “liked” and “followed” the blog after my last post. It really meant a lot to me that you showed the love 😀 I really appreciate it.
So what I’m going to do is keep playing with Hunter and Annie (standalone) because those guys are fun and I’ve neglected them for a while. I haven’t figured out a title yet, which will be a blog for another day – “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”.
As always any questions or comments are welcome and in the meantime just remember – in life we get only one take; and all editing is subjective. 😉

Good luck on your adventures,

Talking to myself

Insanity’s just another word for thinking outside the box…

This is tough. This whole publishing bit. The writing I’ve got a grip on. The editing I can cope with. The publishing is fiddly but you get to grips with it. The hardest part (and this won’t come as a galloping shock to anyone) is marketing.
It’s not that the marketing is difficult per se, the process is never ending, and there are a bunch of decisions to make. Often as soon as you make one you almost immediately decide it was the wrong choice *deep breath*. But that’s not why it’s difficult, read on…
As a writer I’m used to talking to myself. I do it out loud, in my head, on paper, on the keyboard, pretty much everywhere it can occur it does. But as a writer when I put something on paper, when I make a decision, and talk to myself, I can respond. It’s not as kooky as it sounds. We’ve all had the odd argument with ourselves, talked something out loud just to make sense of it, and as a writer that’s what I do.
Also, part of my job is dialogue, so when I type out something a character would say, or read it aloud to see if it makes sense, I can decide what comes next.
“How you doing today Joe?”
“Muddling through, how about you?”
“Not so great, some nutcase dinged my Ferrari.’
“Didn’t your wife just leave you?”
“Yeah, but replacing her is easy.”
I make it up as I go along – so to speak.
So, when I published ‘XY Factor’ I did a bit of advertising, not loads because I didn’t want it to take over my life – you really could go round the bend with all the options out there. E-books are everywhere, and everyone has one to publish; fair dues.
Then I put ‘Mistake Me Not’ out there and did less advertising.
I’m not wholly concerned with exposure. I don’t care if only five people read my novels. But the difficult thing is knowing when to stop.
I have another novel that I’m editing, and I’m excited about this one, really, really, excited because Hunter Riordan is such a sweetie-pie (though he’d never say it out loud) and I had such fun writing it. Maybe the most fun I’ve had since writing Nick and Bella’s tale (prequel to XY Factor). I want to get my work out there, and I want people to read and enjoy it. Like I say if it’s only five people who care about my characters then I’m happy to write for them. I’ll allot time to ensure deadlines are met and I’ll continue to feed the beast – so to speak.
It’s like this, blogging, it’s actually quite fun, and I hadn’t realised. I didn’t know I would enjoy this. Maybe it’s because I’m a writer so I type fast, and can get my ideas out quickly, that it’s nice to meander without a specific goal in mind – though writing as myself is a novelty, lol. Except if no one reads it, and no one cares about my characters, or has an interest in news or sneak peeks, then my writing may as well have stayed on my hard drive. I wouldn’t have to take time away from writing to publish, blog, advertise etc. and that’s the only thing I miss when I do these things. If I don’t have to do this then I could be writing just for me and immersing myself in the worlds I create.
So, if you care, if you’ve read my work, or are reading it, if you have ideas, comments, questions then please do share them with me. Comment on the blog, or review a piece, hell swing by goodreads and mail me, or Amazon, or Smashwords.
I love writing. I love getting my work out there. But I do wonder at what point talking to myself becomes a problem, lol. Without a hello how do I know anyone’s there… is anyone there?

Thanks for listening,