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12 Sept 2014
Explicit Detail Excerpt

Chapter One

‘Would you relax?’
‘Ask a stupid question,’ Flick muttered to herself, and then she pushed her shoulders back against the poolside chair to tilt her chin toward the blazing sun. Except that action only made Rushe’s eyes narrow further. She opted to ignore him.
‘You’re doing that on purpose,’ he growled. ‘We’re all aware of your tits; you don’t have to put them on show.’
‘Rushe, Baby, I love you, but we came out to the pool to relax.’
‘No, Kitten,’ he said. ‘You came here to relax.’
‘You didn’t have to come with me.’
‘You’re wearing a bikini,’ he said, as though it required no further explanation, and actually… it didn’t.
‘If you thought I was the type to run around on you then you’d have dumped me three months ago. You’d have walked out of my studio apartment with Jansen, and I wouldn’t have seen you for dust.’
‘If I thought you were that type, I’d have chained you to the wall weeks ago.’
‘You have… once or twice.’ Her oversized shades concealed her eyes, but Flick let her head roll toward him anyway. ‘You could’ve at least brought a bathing suit… do you own a bathing suit?’
‘We didn’t come here to swim. We came here ‘cause you enjoy baiting me.’
‘You didn’t have to—‘
‘You’re wearing a bikini.’
Flick brought herself upright while twisting her feet off the reclined chair. Their pool chairs were parallel to each other, and there had to be forty similar loungers all around the glistening outdoor pool. But when she tried to glare Flick was distracted by those burning eyes. Rushe had gone so far as to remove his tee-shirt, which gave Flick an up close reminder of his possession of her, and of how his body lured hers.
‘You’re here to protect my virtue from other sexual predators.’ Rushe did his own sexual stalking of her on a daily basis. ‘But when you look at me like that… I’m the only person here.’
‘I’m looking at you,’ he said. ‘But I’m aware of exactly where the other thirty-seven men are.’
‘You counted them,’ she sighed. ‘Of course you counted them. There must be fifty women here.’
‘That I hadn’t noticed.’
Rushe never tried to romance her. Sweet nothings definitely did not feature in Rushe’s repertoire of skills. But he could charm her, though usually it was unintentional.
‘I’m going to get something to drink,’ Flick said, sashaying away from their seats without giving him a chance to retort.
Rushe was right that there were many other people here. Flick had to weave through various groups to reach her aim. As she progressed, the one constant she was most conscious of was Rushe’s eyes burning into her spine. His stare was so intense, and already Flick knew it so well, that being protected by his gaze was second nature to her.
At the refreshment stand, she ordered for herself, and for Rushe too. The vendor disappeared to fill the order, so Flick drummed her fingernails on the counter.
‘Let me buy that for you.’
Flick didn’t want to turn around. She didn’t want to give face to the words because there was one thing she knew for sure – the speaker hadn’t been Rushe.
‘No, thanks,’ Flick said, leaning over the counter in hope to see the vendor return with the drinks, but he was nowhere in sight.
‘A beautiful thing like you shouldn’t be buying her own drinks.’
‘I’m not,’ Flick said. ‘My boyfriend opened a tab when we arrived.’
‘Is that your standard response? You must get hit on a lot.’
‘Not so much recently, if I’m honest.’
These days Flick was aware of when she drew men’s attention, partly because her more recently found vigilance made her look around, also because when men looked at her Rushe went on high alert.
‘I’ll change that if you turn around and talk to me,’ he said.
‘No, actually, that’s not a good idea.’
‘What do you mean—‘
And Flick knew they definitely had one now. ‘No problem,’ Flick said.
‘I wasn’t asking you,’ Rushe said.
Flick spun to see Rushe bearing over the man who had spoken to her. ‘Said boyfriend,’ Flick said by way of explanation. ‘I did try to warn you.’
Rushe hadn’t been having fun, but now he had a hapless victim in his sights. He would remind Flick that it was impossible to be a hundred percent sure what someone’s intentions were. This guy didn’t pose an obvious threat, but Rushe had been bored and now he had sport.
Flick knew this couldn’t end well; at least it couldn’t end well for the guy who didn’t have a shred of a tan left. Likely, his pallor had more to do with the invisible pressure Rushe exerted than the lack of sunlight.
‘Maybe we should go,’ Flick said. Though her words were vague, the intent of her intonation was to convey how adamant she really was.
‘You’re having fun,’ Rushe said, without taking his attention from the shrinking man.
‘I was having fun,’ Flick said, although sitting by the pool with Rushe hadn’t been fun so much as foreplay.
Rushe was commanding in the bedroom at the best of times. But subtle actions on her part could push him closer to the edge. Rushe was a man who took what he wanted, when he wanted it, and Flick didn’t make a habit of refusing him. In fact, she could count on one hand the number of times that she had.
The stranger spoke up, ‘Man, I didn’t mean anything by it, she’s a good looking woman and—‘
‘Trust me, you’re only making things worse,’ Flick said, coiling her fingers around Rushe’s wrist. ‘I want to go home now.’
‘I’m busy,’ Rushe grumbled, in that way when his lips didn’t move.
‘Ignore him, he intimidates for a living,’ Flick said.
Rushe didn’t say anything, but the guy shrank even further back, so Flick dug her nails into Rushe’s skin.
‘He’s good at it,’ the guy stuttered.
‘I want to have sex,’ Flick said.
‘I don’t,’ Rushe replied.
‘Yes, you do. You’re just being ornery.’
‘And you’re trying to distract me.’
‘Even so,’ Flick said. ‘You get sex out of the deal.’
‘If I want sex, I get sex. I say when.’
Rushe knew how to take control, and he liked to imply that sex was for his pleasure above all else. But when his pleasure came from controlling her orgasms time and again, Flick was at ease with the illusion.
‘I want sex now, and if you won’t supply…’ Flick released his wrist, but she didn’t get two inches away before Rushe’s hand snapped up to seize her wrist.
‘You want me to hurt people?’
‘No,’ Flick said. ‘Hurting them is your choice. All I’m looking for is a little attention… topless sunbathing is allowed around here, isn’t it?’
Rushe’s growl wasn’t audible, but Flick felt it all the same. Her smile spread when she knew she’d achieved her goal.
‘I’ll get the car.’
He turned and hooked her hand into his back jeans pocket. Flick bestowed her smile briefly on Rushe’s stricken almost-victim, then trotted along behind. From the strength and the breadth of his gait, Flick knew Rushe was sufficiently tormented to make every second of their next joining count.

No one would miss how dangerous Rushe was. Flick’s own first encounter with him was in voice only; she hadn’t seen his face. The deep resonance of his tone had made her stop and take notice. It was just a shame that she hadn’t heeded the instruction those words of his were giving her. Except if she had, Flick wouldn’t be with him now.
Walking into that bar, in spite of Rushe’s warning, had thrown Flick into the path of criminal depravity. But when Flick had thought her safety lost, Rushe stepped in to protect her. Until it was safe to free her from the criminals’ hideout, Rushe had kept her under his wing, and then when the time was right he cast her out. His harsh behaviour had saved her life, except the evil brought her back, twice. Each time Rushe protected her, to his own detriment, until…
Together they’d fallen in love, and at the penultimate play, they’d confessed their feelings. The truth was revealed when there was no way out; their lives were to be taken from them.
To this day Flick wasn’t sure how they’d triumphed, the odds had been against them. But liberating Rushe from his confines had ensured that she and Jansen, the undercover cop working with her, would win the day.
With most of the criminals vanquished and the others behind bars, Flick had a choice. She could remain in her mediocre life, with a sub-par job, without friends to trust, and estranged from her family, or she could be with the man she loved.
Flick was under no illusions, Rushe was a man with a chequered past, a vagrant lifestyle, and some serious trust issues. He wasn’t on any system; the system had failed him from almost the moment he was born. He’d never known who his parents were, he’d never had family, and he’d always relied on himself.
One tragic episode in Rushe’s pre-teen years had shaped everything about him. A woman he’d barely known was tortured and killed, and though Rushe had witnessed the perpetrators carry the woman away, he had been powerless to stop them.
To look at the man he was now it was difficult to believe he could ever be powerless, but he’d spent his life ensuring that he never would be again.
Flick stretched her toes in her sandals and wiggled them while trying to peek at the solid form of Rushe in the driver’s seat. He hadn’t said a word since he’d powered out of the pool parking lot. But they were nearly home now, and Flick struggled to keep her eager anticipation in check.
During the mission that brought her and Rushe together, Flick had been held for ransom. Though no one had known it at the time, Rushe had been the one to pay the demanded amount. Through the course of events, the truth was exposed. Beyond that point Flick was aware that Rushe had money. He’d told her that the job paid well, but Flick hadn’t known exactly what that meant.
His bank balance was healthy, but he lived modestly. His car wasn’t new, and while his apartment complex was respectable, he had the financial means to secure better.
When Flick had queried the abode, Rushe had told her to spend what she wanted because he didn’t care where they lived. Flick hadn’t wanted different, she just wanted to understand why a boy raised with nothing wouldn’t take full advantage of the means he now had. But his response had broken her heart.
‘It doesn’t pay to get attached to anything,’ he had said. ‘Attachment is another word for weakness.’
Men like him didn’t get attached. No matter how many times Rushe had said those words to her, he hadn’t been able to resist their bond. Once, Rushe had told her he resented their love. Flick knew he didn’t mean it. The contempt wasn’t resentment, it was fear, and men like Rushe didn’t experience fear.
Having her, accepting their union, was a risk for Rushe, and he tried to minimise those. Now that they had each other, Rushe’s emotional issues flared up. He feared trusting her, and their feelings for each other, because losing her, or letting her down, was his biggest burden.
Pressing a button on the dash made the shutters for the underground parking area open. Rushe drove down the ramp and parked up in their usual place.
‘So, Lover,’ Flick said into the ether. ‘What now?’


14 May 2014

Explicit Instruction Excerpt

‘I wouldn’t do that if I were you.’
Flick knew she shouldn’t have bothered getting out of bed today. The alarm hadn’t gone off so she’d been late to get up. Then the shower went on the fritz and she had to wash herself with the trickle of cold water that greeted her.
When she got into work her colleague Tamara Clark delighted in telling her that she’d laddered her pantyhose, so that meant a quick trip to the washroom to take them off. Her boss had been waiting for her when she returned to the front desk; clearly perturbed that she wasn’t at her post – except he didn’t hesitate in removing her from it again to huckle her into his office.
Geoffrey Mustow loved the sound of his own voice, so what should have been a quick chat took up almost an hour of her day. The fact that he was berating her for not completing a previously farmed out piece of work he’d delegated to her took up more of her day than completing said task actually did.
The day had gone from bad to worse. But this had to be the cherry on her cake. On her way to a date she hadn’t wanted to go on in the first place, the cab had broken down. Her phone battery was dead because she had forgotten – for maybe the first time ever – to plug it into its charger at bed time.
The taxi ride to her date seemed to go on forever, and she wasn’t sure if the driver was lost, or if he thought he’d take her on an expensive detour. Whatever the reason when the vehicle sputtered and stopped all she could do was roll her eyes to the heavens.
The driver shouted in a language she didn’t understand and got out to pop the hood, though it was clear he didn’t have a clue what he was doing. After five minutes of him babbling in her face like it was her fault she’d turned on her heels and started to walk.
This wasn’t a part of town she knew; miles had passed in the cab since she’d seen anything she recognised. So here she was traipsing through a crappy area in the dark, looking for salvation.
No cabs had passed in the mile she’d walked along this deserted street. Her four inch spikes were nipping at her feet and if it hadn’t been raining she’d have taken them off. Though her feet screamed she was glad these were the shoes she’d elected to wear. Topping out at five three she needed the height boost.
All of her shoes were heels – even those she wore to work, though they tended to be wider heels – but most of them were four, or five inches to compensate for the differential.
The first sign of life she’d seen for six blocks was the lights in this corner bar. Oddly, there were no windows on the property but a sign hung above the door calling the place “Dell’s” and with the picture of a beer bottle, she knew it was a bar.
Hoping that they would have a phone, or be able to refer her to a taxi company, she reached for the long brass handle but didn’t get a chance to push it when a deep masculine voice came from seemingly nowhere.
‘I wouldn’t do that if I were you.’
Flick hadn’t been aware of anyone but she peered into the black of the alleyway to her left. ‘Excuse me?’ she asked though she still didn’t see anyone.
‘Keep walking Red,’ he grumbled.
His casual impatience grated on her. ‘Last time I checked this was a free country.’
‘Check again.’
‘Do you own this establishment?’
‘No,’ he said.
‘Then what right do you have to prohibit my entry?’
‘Trust me,’ he said. ‘You want to keep walking.’
‘I don’t actually,’ Flick said. ‘Who are you?’
‘A good Samaritan.’
‘Somehow I doubt that,’ she said. ‘Excuse me.’

22 May 2014

‘No—‘His impatience was gone in that exclamation but she ignored him and swung open the door to stride inside.
Immediately she regretted it. Six men sat around one table in the centre of the space. Two more stood at the bar, while there were two more behind it. A group of eight loitered around the pool table. The space was small, dim, and reeked of cigarette smoke. With bare floorboards, no decoration, and a single lazy ceiling fan this wasn’t her usual locale. The unexpected entrance drew the attention of every man in the room.
Flick’s parched throat wouldn’t allow words to pass. While three of the men at the centre table were wearing suits, the others might not have bathed for weeks by the look of them.
‘What the hell is this?’ one of the suited men at the centre table exclaimed. ‘I thought you had a guy on look out.’
‘Don’t look like a cop to me,’ one of the men from the pool table said. He discarded his cue and began to move toward her with half a dozen others in his wake. ‘We’ll take care of her.’
Flick’s feet took their time to register what that glint in his eye meant. But as soon as they did she turned to flee, except they caught up with her. Circling around, the pack of hungry wolves came in close. Her scream went unheeded and three of them got hold of her taking her off her feet.
‘No!’ she shouted and tried to wriggle free but they dragged her past the circle of seated men. ‘No! Please! I’m sorry! I’ll leave!’
‘Not all alone you won’t,’ the one who had spoken first said.
The gang wrestled her past the pool table and two tailed off to open a door in a darkened corner. Three of them who carried her through ignored her kicking and screaming. They all snubbed her attempts to free herself and dragged her through another door into a blackened room.
No lights, no windows, no sense of anything, until she was tossed down onto what felt like a thin mattress. The darkness increased Flick’s disorientation hindering her need to flee. Someone snatched her arm, yanked her against a metal bar, and with a grating snick she felt a cuff go around her wrist. Attached to this solid structure, which could only be a bed, Flick was locked in place. The men grumbled and laughed with delight at their apparent good fortune.
‘No, please, I’m sorry. There’s been a mistake,’ Flick said. ‘I want to leave. I need to go.’
‘We’ve got uses for a chick like you,’ someone snarled.
‘No, you don’t want to do this.’
When her other arm was grabbed she tried to wrest free but this arm was stronger than hers and she was pulled onto her back. Then there was another snick and she realised what they were doing, cuffing her to the bedframe.
‘Who’s first?’ they asked each other.
Tears burned in her eyes, and she tried to pull her arms free but her struggling and screaming did nothing except make them angry.
‘Shut it! You’ll piss off the boss and he’ll make us kill you before we get our fun!’
Lying here doing nothing wasn’t an option. But she didn’t want to be dead. Equally, Flick didn’t want these men to have their way with her. The mattress shifted and a hot, moist hand covered her breast and gave her a squeeze.
‘Big melons for such a little thing, you think she’s legal?’
‘You care?’
‘No,’ the one who fondled her breasts said. ‘She’ll do well nice.’
‘Or we’ll do her well nice!’ one of them exclaimed to the laughter of the others.
The hand left her breast but Flick’s sigh of relief was premature because the hand then landed on her thigh and went up under her skirt to touch the lace of her underwear. Flick kept her legs closed, forcing her thighs to bar his entry. He snorted a laugh.
‘I think she’s gonna fight it,’ he said taking grip of her underwear band.
‘I love it when they fight,’ another said.
Her underwear was torn and she knew it had loosened but Flick kept her thighs together. The bed shifted again and a heavy body landed on hers, a wet tongue lapped at her neck.
‘Oh you’re gonna love what we have in store,’ the slobberer said.
Pulling the skirt of her dress all the way up to her waist he tried to get his hand between the clamp of her thighs but Flick kicked and tried to scream again.
‘Open up for me little thing, you’ll love it. I’m gonna take good care of you.’
‘Please,’ she whimpered. ‘Please let me go.’
‘Can’t do that now you’ve seen us,’ he said trying to wiggle a finger downward.
Licking all the way to her cleavage, he bit her breast and Flick screamed again.
‘It’s not your turn!’
One of the others said and the way the body on top of her rocked she knew he’d been shoved by his colleague. ‘Yeah! You went first the last time!’
Flick’s body shook, her head swam like she could pass out at any second but still she cried. The disgusting weight of this lump on top of her made her fight but he was bigger, stronger, and her attempt to free herself was fruitless.
The three men started to snipe at each other but then a door opened. Though there wasn’t much more light from the outer room it was enough to see that yes, she was cuffed to the bed, and there wasn’t another thing in this room. The space was apparently purpose built to ensure no escape was conceivable. The distraction gave her a chance to battle her bonds but still to no avail.
‘What the hell you doing in here? You’re meant to be outside.’
‘Your turn on watch,’ the silhouette that filled the doorway said.
‘Hey no! We got fun here man!’
‘Don’t worry,’ the silhouette grumbled. ‘I’ll take over here.’




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