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For all the media coverage, both positive and negative, that Amazon has had over recent weeks, months… years. We indie authors do have a lot to thank them for. We work hard to provide the best product that we can but Amazon allow us to reach an audience far further ranging than we could on our own. And they keep on giving…
The pre-order function was a complete surprise. I know a lot of indies have been clamouring for it and to have our voice recognised is very much appreciated.
We do have to pause, however, at this stage and ask ourselves if this is perhaps Amazon’s way of asserting their dominance in the marketplace. Their dispute with Hachette has seen many well-known authors be denied the pre-order function and authors have been sucked into the middle of the debate with newspaper ads and a letter writing campaign, etc. It is possible this is Amazon’s attempt to curry favour among the self-published.
But we scratch their back so they scratch ours. Indies generate revenue for Amazon and Amazon offer readers. Permitting indies to set up their books on pre-order does allow us to operate more professionally. The hope is that indies will live up to the expectation Amazon have put on us by giving us this option.
So what do we get? On our KDP Bookshelf when we “add new title” we are given a new section to complete in section four:


We can choose a release date within the next ninety days, but have to submit the completed manuscript to Amazon ten days before. Great, right? To proceed you do have to send them your draft manuscript for approval. Once they have seen that there is enough book there to take the risk on, I guess, then your product page is created.
If you don’t get the final manuscript to them by the stated date then you have breached the terms of the agreement and you will be suspended from using the pre-order function for a year, can’t say fairer than that.
I think it’s terrific. I really do. I hope this is the first of many steps on Amazon’s part to provide a more equal platform for all authors. But we cannot waste this opportunity. Using this function because it is a novelty could be dangerous, if many indies don’t fulfill their end of the bargain Amazon may have a re-think. So bear that in mind!
Readers, well, now you can ensure to have all the novels you want from the moment they’re available. The options are out there for you to choose what you want and it will be delivered to your device on release date. Simples.

Good luck on your adventures,