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Branded Chapter One

Posted: February 20, 2017 in Blog post, Sneak peek
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Sexy young woman with black hair in a white shirt undressing in front of a window

Warning: Contains explicit language and imagery. Suitable only for ages 18 and over.



After a long night of shaking her ass in Sizzle, Nya Yorke was ready to go home. Wiping down her workstation behind the bar, she was the most conscientious of the employees because she was the manager. Responsibility for cashing out and locking the takings in the safe was hers, meaning she had to keep her head on straight until the last second of her shift, even when exhaustion had other ideas.

The muted blue lighting of the vast nightclub space was perfect for shady dealings and intimate encounters. Drugs and loud music accompanied the partiers in this place where nothing was off-limits. No one batted an eye at the amorous, the lines of white powder cut on the booth tables, or the concealed weapons some customers carried.

The night was over. The strobes and the music were off. She and Jamie were the only two bar staff left. Three security men were doing a last sweep, and once the place was confirmed secure they’d lock up and get out of there.

“Anything else you need me to do?” Jamie asked, flopping her arms on the bar from the patrons’ side.

The cute blonde with the pixie cut drew plenty of attention with her bubbly personality. Most of the people who worked, or frequented, this establishment were jaded, cynical, and in need of oblivion. Jamie was none of those things. The youth smiled with ease, she laughed, and could turn anything into a positive. Men loved her because she exuded innocence that they wanted to corrupt. Nya had nothing against her colleague, there were times her optimism was grating, but she got her work done without complaining.

If they were in a better neighborhood, she’d have sent Jamie home by this time. Except at three thirty in the morning, no one was safe on the streets around here. After herding the customers out, the rest of the staff were sent home in couples and groups. No one was confident about leaving alone. Policy didn’t exist to protect them; there was no staff policy around here except to show up on time.

Jamie stayed draped over the bar, awaiting instructions. Nya had none. “No, I’m finished,” she said. “Tell the guys we’re done.”

Turning toward the main floor, Jamie began to walk away. Nya guessed she’d head for the break room that was accessible on the opposite wall by a door marked, “Employees Only.” Containing a few couches and a stained beanbag, none of the lockers were functional, but it gave the others a place to stash their things while they were on shift. Not Nya; she didn’t leave anything of hers in a place she couldn’t see at all times.

Nya ducked down to get her purse from the lowest shelf underneath the bar where she kept it in a secret corner. She didn’t have anything valuable in her long-strap, leather slouch bag, and there were no more than a few bucks in her wallet. Defending her privacy was the only thing she strove for every day, and her purse was sort of a symbol of that.

Instead of going to the breakroom, Jamie went toward the corridor that bottlenecked the entrance, either to shout what Nya had said to the bouncers or to make her way out. Before she got there, a shout and a scuffle reverberated down the hallway and echoed into the cavernous club.

Nya surged to her feet in time to see five masked men burst in. The first grabbed a screaming Jamie and pulled her to his chest, trapping her wrists in his hand between her breasts. Shuffling forward, to allow his cohorts to swarm in behind him, the assailant raised the mass of a silenced gun barrel to Jamie’s temple.

Her colleague’s screaming drowned out the specifics of the men’s shouted conversation. The one with ahold of Jamie was trying to give out instructions and wasn’t being heard, so he clamped a hand over Jamie’s mouth to stifle her panicked shrieks.

Being the only other one there, all spare guns were pointed at Nya, and she raised her hands on instinct. Her duties around here didn’t extend into giving up her life to tweakers. “In there, go!” the man holding Jamie ordered Nya into the breakroom.

With weapons waving at her, Nya kept her hands up and came out from behind the bar to do as directed. Sizzle wasn’t the type of place to die for; she worked there, but didn’t benefit from the takings beyond her wage. If these guys wanted a windfall, she’d open the safe, but they’d regret it. The club owner wouldn’t take kindly to being robbed by disorganized chancers like these guys.

They were wearing ski masks and carrying guns, but their movements were frantic, proving that they were ill-at-ease. She was swept into the circle of men and squeezed through the breakroom door, with two in front of her and three behind.

Before the door closed, one of the men grabbed her. Struggling to get loose, she was rushed to the furthest wall and thrown against it to be pinned by two men. The lump of her purse, shielded her from his hips when the one in front tried to grind closer. That action suggested a different ballgame and one she would fight against.

Giving up the company cash would be easy. Relinquishing her body to them? No. She’d rather die. Trying her hardest to lash out, Nya pushed and kicked, but these guys were bigger than she was and her might didn’t match their capabilities.

Being so petite, she’d learned fast that she didn’t physically trump many people, and although she’d taken self-defense classes, her strength was feeble. Her body just wasn’t built to carry muscle.

Jamie was screaming again. The gut-wrenching sound of terror was unsettling, but at least it told Nya that the woman was alive. Shaking her hair away from her face, she stopped fighting to look beyond the men pressing her to the wall. Their tight hands bruised her limbs and their body weight restricted her breathing, but she tried to ignore the implication of their intrusive conduct.

Checking on Jamie was meant to reassure her, to give her a distraction that would help to focus her own mind. Instead what she saw was Jamie being thrust onto the couch and felt up by two of the other men. The last man was at her ankles, pulling them apart, rubbing his way up her legs and giving his friend access to wrench up Jamie’s skirt.

“Hey! Leave her alone!” Nya exclaimed, forgetting for a second that she had her own problems.

A quick reminder was unwelcome; she tried to push away from the wall, but was quickly shoved against it again. The impact knocked the wind from her lungs and her shoulders were grabbed to pull her forward and slam her back once more.

Any lingering illusion that this was a simple robbery was erased when the assailant spoke with purpose. “You’ll get yours once you tell me where he is,” one of the grotesque molesters snarled in her face.

Hands on her breasts had to belong to the second man, because the first still grasped her shoulders. But she closed her mind to the assault, switching into a survival mode she’d used before.

“Who?” Nya asked. “Who are you talking about?”

Jamie kept screaming. Nya’s wavering view allowed her to see her co-worker being wrestled onto the floor after she’d kicked out at the man on top of her. Pleased to see the youngster fighting back, Nya smiled, maybe that girl wasn’t so innocent after all.

Payback came quickly when another of the men knelt over Jamie to punch her face and chest while another grasped his groin and swore in pain. Good for Jamie, she’d hurt the bastard; from his watering eyes and red face, Nya would say she’d got him good. The third wasn’t amused and wasn’t put off either, he scrambled up the floor between Jamie’s legs and began to thrust his arm in a stabbing motion at the apex of Jamie’s thighs. His fingers at least would be inside her and his manic movements would be agonizing for the kid.

The screaming stopped and the puncher climbed off Jamie to stand up and wipe sweat from his upper lip. When he noticed the blood on his knuckles, he bent down and ripped Jamie’s top from her body, exposing her to use her apparel to wipe the blood from his hands and face.

Concern iced Nya’s organs, Jamie’s head flopped one way and then the other. God, Nya hoped there was still life in the woman. The groin-clutcher snatched his friend from between Jamie’s thighs and tossed him aside, leaving him to clamber onto his feet. He kicked Jamie between her open legs and yanked open his jeans, pulling his dick out before dropping to the floor to lie over the unconscious Jamie.

Each of his violent thrusts into the junior pushed bile from Nya’s stomach. Ominous red bubbles popped from Jamie’s mouth in a foam. They could be breaths, Nya hoped they were because there were no other signs of life. Jamie wasn’t conscious or moving, she couldn’t be, not after the assault of blows to the head rained upon her by the other.

The other two men jeered as the third raped the lifeless woman on the floor, and Nya had to come to terms with the knowledge that she was next.

“Like the show?” the man holding her asked, slapping her back to her own predicament. Propping an elbow on the wall over her shoulder, he seemed to want to watch what was going on with Jamie, which had to be what caused the delay in his interrogation. But he couldn’t suspend it all night, so got into her face again. “Tell us where he is!”

“Who!” Nya screamed, tormented by the torture of her friend and the prospect of her own fate. “Who do you want!”

“Taggert!” he demanded, spittle and halitosis cascaded over her face until she wretched. “You know! You know where he is! Tell me!”

The one answer she couldn’t give. Wouldn’t give. Jamie was enduring a second man on top of her, and when she began to whimper, got a kick to the head and went quiet again.

“I don’t,” Nya said, knowing she was going to anger these men more. “I don’t know where he is!”

Two more masked men burst in, drawing the concerned attention of everyone except the man on top of Jamie who was pumping hard and fast, grunting with each forward invasion. “He’s not here,” one of the new men said without blinking an eye at the ongoing rape.

The man with a hold of her was in charge because the two new entrants were awaiting instruction from him. His distraction gave Nya a chance to assess Jamie’s chances. While being fucked by one man, the second waited his turn. The other, who’d been the first to take his turn on top, spat in Jamie’s mouth then knelt over her to force his dick between her lips.

Jamie wasn’t moving, her face was a bloody mess, her eyes swollen, but when he pushed in hard, Jamie’s body expanded and lifted in a gag reflex. She was still alive, for now, though after enduring this at the hands of these letches, she may wish that she wasn’t.

The one standing, waiting for a chance to have his fun, unbuckled his belt in anticipation, like he was excited about the prospect of his turn to assault the defenseless woman who was only a fraction more responsive than a corpse.

Nya’s chin was grabbed and her assaulter forced her to look at him. “Look at me, you’ll get your fun time, soon as you tell me where he is.”

Anticipation wasn’t what made her watch, and if the point of this exercise was to scare her with the show then it was working. But it wasn’t just fear burning inside her, it was anger too. “When he finds you, he’ll kill you,” Nya snarled. “Do you have any idea who you’re dealing with?”

“We know it and we want him. He doesn’t scare us.”

Either this guy was ignorant or had an army larger than the one present. If he wanted to take on Taggert, he’d need one. “He should scare you,” Nya said. “He’ll torture you and your men for weeks. He’s going to make you suffer before he kills you. No one crosses Taggert.”

“A lot of spunk for such a little thing,” he said, pulling his gun from his waistband to step back and press the cool circle of the barrel tip to the center of her forehead, rendering her immobile.

Closing her eyes, she waited for the shot. Fear receded to an odd peace that was shattered when a fresh pair of hands, probably belonging to his partner, grabbed her shirt to pull it open. Flattening her hands on the wall on either side of her, she could do nothing but let him fondle as much as he liked. The weight of the gun was heating as it dug deeper into her, pinning her head between it and the wall.

Opening her eyes, Nya burned her fury into the eyes of the man with the gun whose perverse smile sickened her further. Two men closed in behind him and after feeling her up, one crouched to pull up her skirt.

These were the two men who’d just come in, and she guessed the other three were still with Jamie; because she couldn’t shift her skull an inch, the barrel was bruising her forehead. “Pretty girl like you could show my boys a good time; would that persuade you?” the gun-bearer asked.

Narrowing her gaze in defiance of the invading hands roaming her body, Nya didn’t want to show them how their violation curdled her blood because it would only goad them on.

“Tell us what we want to know and we’ll leave you alone.”

She didn’t believe him, but she wouldn’t answer his question even if she did. The door opened, though Nya couldn’t see through the mass of men, so she didn’t know what was happening. Holding her breath, she waited to find out what would happen next.

“You fuck everything up, Jonno.”

The hands left her body when the men whipped around. The gun at her head fell away too as the man holding it twisted to look toward the door on the opposite side of the room.

Just inside was a dark-haired, scruffy-faced thug. Whoever he was, he didn’t wear a mask like the others, his hands hung loose at his sides, carrying no weapons, no care in the world. The three men on Jamie hadn’t been disturbed by anything until this; in her peripheral vision she saw no movement, and the noise of their jeering and grunting had ceased.

“Fuck off, Archer, we got this.”

The gun was pushed into her ribs until the pressure became an uncomfortable pain and she winced.

“That her?” the new guy, who she now knew was called Archer, asked.

Glancing past the gunman, she watched Archer swagger up to them. One slow step followed another, like he was a guy sauntering over to a bar for a drink and not one who’d just walked in on a despicable crime taking place. He kept on coming until he was hanging over Jonno, the one holding the gun.

Archer was much taller than the man who threatened her with his weapon; she’d guess he stood at six-four. His broad shoulders weren’t bulky, but there was a strength in them, a tension that made her insides recoil.

Tapered brown eyes met hers for half a second, then dropped to her exposed breasts. “Copping a feel more important than getting the job done, Jonno?”

Lunging past Jonno, Archer grabbed her forearm and hauled her forward, through the other men. The pain of his grip didn’t decrease when he pulled her along, but he didn’t get far. Jonno grabbed her other arm to halt her and the other men closed in.

“You’re not taking her,” Jonno snapped. “Not until we know.”

Jonno and his buddies had manhandled her, hanging threats of violence and rape over her head to scare her and they’d worked, though she did her best to conceal her terror. Without physical strength, she’d learned to project confidence. Being fearless, and facing adversity head on was the only way she got through life.

But the guy trying to steal her from the crime scene was better than her at remaining aloof, he didn’t bat an eye at Jonno’s fierce attitude. “Has she told you yet?” Archer asked.

The two men were growling at each other, sneering and annoyed, but they didn’t make any direct threats of physical confrontation, suggesting this was the proverbial circling of the prey. Being right in the middle, if one chose to attack, she’d be caught in the crossfire.

Some of Jonno’s bluster deflated. “We were getting there.”

“Sure you were,” Archer said. While she fixated on Jonno to judge his reaction to Archer’s nonchalance, her nipple was flicked through her bra by Archer’s rigid fingertip. Gasping at the unexpected action, she tugged her body back, but neither man let her go. “You had your chance, Jonno, now it’s my turn.”

He pulled again, Jonno pulled back. Archer’s chin moved forward and his eyes went up like he was pissed off that this guy was testing his patience. “She stays with us,” Jonno asserted.

Archer strode in close to Jonno, keeping her between them as the meat in the distressing sandwich. “You left those fucking bodies lying in the street,” Archer snarled. “Tick, tock, little man, how long you got ‘til the cops show up?” As if on cue, sirens sounded and all of the men in the room tensed. All except Archer. Nya’s back was to Jamie and her assailants, but she heard them scramble. “This bitch is our one link, our one lead, who’ll get what we need? You or me?”

That was enough of a prompt. For some reason, Archer’s question clinched Jonno’s decision. The men shared another brief glare, then Jonno released her and stepped back with his hands up. The others backed off too and the sirens got louder.

Without waiting, Archer hauled her toward the door and she pulled back, trying to delay him as long as she could in hopes that the cops would arrive before he could get her out of here. But he wasn’t slowed down.

Picking her up with one swoop of his arm, he tossed her over his shoulder and clamped a hand on her ass. The other pinned her legs to his torso to prevent her from kicking.

Resorting to using her core, she tried to buck away and punched at his back. But he didn’t slow down, didn’t flinch, he just kept shrugging her back up with the powerful shoulders she’d done well not to underestimate.

His athletic body had strength from the tips of his hair to the depth of his bones. He carried her out of Sizzle’s front entrance, over the bodies of the security guards that were dead in the street just as he’d described.

“Stop! Please! Help!” she called out at the top of her lungs.

“Hush,” Archer said and paused.

Just when she thought he might put her down and give her the chance to run, she heard a click then she was tossed onto her ass. The hard landing made her bounce and she hit the back of her head on something cold and solid. Blinking through a daze, she clocked that she was in the trunk of a car, just as he covered her mouth with a length of tough duct tape.

Hooking his hands on the edge of the trunk, he leaned down, the sirens were blaring now, but she saw no lights. “Don’t be naughty, Squirm. Obey and we’ll get along great.”

Chucking her chin with the swipe of a knuckle, he winked, stepped back, and slammed the lid on her.



© Scarlett Finn 2017




Desperate for aid, Doctor Lyssa Cutler takes a tip from a police officer who can’t officially help her, but knows someone who can – off the record. With an unidentified stalker on her tail, her patients and her practice are in jeopardy so she’s ready to take a risk. Colt Warner knows that this woman will be difficult, but she is so intriguing that he can’t bring himself to turn down her case. But when her specialty in sexual dysfunction brings her into the lives of him and his brothers, Colt wouldn’t have it any other way. Their professional connection quickly becomes personal and Colt finds himself needing Lyssa as much as she needs him.

Desperate for aid, Doctor Lyssa Cutler takes a tip from a police officer who can’t officially help her, but knows someone who can – off the record. With an unidentified stalker on her tail, her patients and her practice are in jeopardy so she’s ready to take a risk.
Colt Warner knows that this woman will be difficult, but she is so intriguing that he can’t bring himself to turn down her case. But when her specialty in sexual dysfunction brings her into the lives of him and his brothers, Colt wouldn’t have it any other way.
Their professional connection quickly becomes personal and Colt finds himself needing Lyssa as much as she needs him.

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Explicit, #1



‘I wouldn’t do that if I were you.’

Stranded and searching for a phone, Flick inadvertently walks into danger, and finds herself living in a nightmare. But an unexpected reprieve comes in the form of a stranger, a looming silhouette more terrifying than the evil that captured her. From him she learns that danger has an alias, Rushe. He is abrupt, crude, domineering…and her only hope for survival.
With freedom a distant memory, Flick is reluctantly drawn into the criminal plot. As she descends further, her entanglement with Rushe becomes deeper. The adventure she started by accident threatens them; but Flick knows it’s not only her life she is battling for, it’s her heart as well.

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Explicit, #2



‘I make my own rules.’

Integrating Flick into his life has given Rushe a new priority, to keep his woman where he wants her – safe and in his bed. But saving women who have no hope is a part of who he is, and it doesn’t take long for the next job to seek them out.
Rushe knows the rules, but Flick has never played the game from this side of the table before. Working in parallel, our couple go undercover to expose the crucial details of an intrigue that sinks deeper than they could have predicted.
Ready to get her hands dirty, Flick wades in, relishing the challenge. Except danger closes in on her from all sides, and Rushe has his own cards to play. They have to learn to work together before the job drives them apart.
But if their union is revealed, it could cost them their lives.

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Explicit. #3



‘There’s no place for that here.’

The past that they’d hoped to outrun has chased them down, and now it wants payback.
To appease their debtors, they must delve into Rushe’s own history. As they come face to face with the situation that brought them together in the first place, Flick learns more about the man who she’s pledged her heart, and her body, to.
When danger encroaches, Flick will resort to whatever measures are necessary to achieve their goal, but could that mean sacrificing their relationship?

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The apprehension I feel this time is lessened by the fact that Explicit Instruction is already out there, so I hope that more people will be aware of Rushe’s ways. But that doesn’t ease the worry altogether. Rushe doesn’t become a different character over night and so he’s still abrupt and crude, and rough, and foul-mouthed… need I go on? Flick has her work cut out. But it’s the reaction of the readers that makes me nervous. If you’re not expecting Rushe then he can be quite a surprise. The sex is full-on and dirty, and pretty constant at the start so buckle up if you plan to read it :p
With the pre-order promotion done and the majority of initial sales now over, my work is sort of already done. All I can do now is hope that people will read and respond positively. I turn my faith over to the readers with the dream that you will enjoy Rushe and Flick and then tell your friends. It’s your word of mouth that we authors rely on. You are all-powerful as far as we’re concerned. So please read Explicit Detail, if you can, and spread the word. Tell your friends to tell their friends, and we can make sure that Rushe is experienced by any and all who enjoy a good dose of drama and passion. He believes himself so unloveable, maybe we can prove him wrong.

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Opening Excerpt

Chapter One

‘I wouldn’t do that if I were you.’
Flick knew she shouldn’t have bothered getting out of bed today. The alarm hadn’t gone off so she’d been late to get up. Then the shower went on the fritz and she had to wash herself with the trickle of cold water that greeted her.
When she got into work her colleague Tamara Clark delighted in telling her that she had a run in her pantyhose. So that meant a quick trip to the washroom to take them off. Her boss had been waiting for her when she returned to the front desk, clearly perturbed that she wasn’t at her post – except he didn’t hesitate in removing her from it again to huckle her into his office.
Geoffrey loved the sound of his own voice, so what should have been a quick chat took up almost an hour of Flick’s day. The fact that he was berating her for not completing a previously farmed out piece of work he’d delegated to her took up more of her day than completing said task actually did.
From there the day had gone from bad to worse. But this had to be the cherry on her cake. On her way to a date she hadn’t wanted to go on in the first place, the cab had broken down. Her phone battery was dead because she had forgotten – for maybe the first time ever – to plug it into its charger at bed time.
The taxi ride to her date seemed to go on forever, and she wasn’t sure if the driver was lost, or if he thought he’d take her on an expensive detour. Whatever the reason, when the vehicle sputtered and stopped all Flick could do was roll her eyes to the heavens.
The driver shouted in a language Flick didn’t understand and got out to pop the hood, though it was clear he didn’t have a clue what he was doing. After five minutes of him babbling in her face like it was her fault, she’d turned on her heels and started to walk.
This wasn’t a part of town that she knew; miles had passed in the cab since she’d seen anything familiar. So here she was traipsing through a crappy area in the dark, looking for salvation.
No cabs had passed in the mile she’d walked along this deserted street. Her four-inch spikes were nipping at her toes, and if it hadn’t been raining she’d have taken them off. Though her feet screamed, Flick was glad she’d elected to wear this particular pair. Topping out at five three she needed the height boost.
All of her shoes were heels – even those she wore to work, though they tended to be wider heels – but most of them were four or five inches to compensate for the height differential between her and seemingly everyone else on the planet.
The first sign of life she’d seen for six blocks was the lights in this corner bar. Oddly, there were no windows on the property. But a sign hung above the door calling the place “Dell’s” and with the picture of a beer bottle, Flick knew it was a bar.
Hoping that they would have a phone, or be able to refer her to a taxi company, she reached for the long brass handle. But she didn’t get a chance to push it before a deep masculine voice came from seemingly nowhere.
‘I wouldn’t do that if I were you.’
Flick hadn’t been aware of anyone, but she peered into the black of the alleyway to her left. ‘Excuse me?’ she asked, though she still didn’t see anyone.
‘Keep walking Red,’ he grumbled.
His casual impatience grated on her. ‘Last time I checked this was a free country.’
‘Check again.’
‘Do you own this establishment?’
‘No,’ he said.
‘Then what right do you have to prohibit my entry?’
‘Trust me,’ he said. ‘You want to keep walking.’
‘I don’t actually,’ Flick said. ‘Who are you?’
‘A good Samaritan.’
‘Somehow I doubt that,’ she said. ‘Excuse me.’
‘No—’ His impatience was gone in that exclamation, but she ignored him and swung open the door to stride inside.
Immediately she regretted it. Six men sat around one table in the centre of the space. Two more stood at the bar, while there were two more behind it. A group of eight loitered around the pool table. The space was small, dim, and reeked of cigarette smoke. With bare floorboards, no decoration, and a single lazy ceiling fan, this wasn’t her usual locale. The unexpected entrance drew the attention of every man in the room.
Flick’s parched throat wouldn’t allow words to pass. While three of the men at the centre table were wearing suits, the others might not have bathed for weeks by the look of them.
‘What the hell is this?’ one of the suited men at the centre table exclaimed. ‘I thought you had a guy on look out.’
‘Don’t look like a cop to me,’ one of the men from the pool table said. He discarded his cue and began to move toward her with half a dozen others in his wake. ‘We’ll take care of her.’
Flick’s feet took their time to register what that glint in his eye meant. But as soon as they did she turned to flee, except they caught up with her. Circling around, the pack of hungry wolves came in close. Her scream went unheeded as three of them got hold of her, taking her off her feet.
‘No!’ she shouted and tried to wriggle free while they dragged her past the circle of seated men. ‘No! Please! I’m sorry! I’ll leave!’
‘Not all alone you won’t,’ the one who had spoken first said.
The gang wrestled her past the pool table, and two tailed off to open a door in a darkened corner. Three of them who carried her through ignored her kicking and screaming. They all snubbed her attempts to free herself and dragged her through another door into a blackened room.
No lights, no windows, no sense of anything, until she was tossed down onto what felt like a thin mattress. The darkness increased Flick’s disorientation, hindering her need to flee. Someone snatched her arm, yanked her against a metal bar, and with a grating snick she felt a cuff go around her wrist. Attached to this solid structure, which could only be a bed, Flick was locked in place. The men grumbled and laughed with delight at their apparent good fortune.
‘No, please, I’m sorry. There’s been a mistake,’ Flick said. ‘I want to leave. I need to go.’
‘We’ve got uses for a chick like you,’ someone snarled.
‘No, you don’t want to do this.’
When her other arm was grabbed, she tried to wrest free but this arm was stronger than hers, and she was pulled onto her back. Then there was another snick and she realised what they were doing, cuffing her to the bedframe.
‘Who’s first?’ they asked each other.
Tears burned in her eyes, and she tried to pull her arms free, but her struggling and screaming did nothing except make them angry.
‘Shut it! You’ll piss off the boss, and he’ll make us kill you before we get our fun!’
Lying here doing nothing wasn’t an option. But she didn’t want to be dead. Equally, Flick didn’t want these men to have their way with her. The mattress shifted and a hot, moist hand covered her breast and gave her a squeeze.
‘Big melons for such a little thing, you think she’s legal?’
‘You care?’
‘No,’ the one who fondled her breasts said. ‘She’ll do.’
‘Or we’ll do… her!’ one of them exclaimed to the laughter of the others.
The hand left her breast, but Flick’s sigh of relief was premature because the hand then landed on her thigh and went up under her skirt to touch the lace of her underwear. Flick kept her legs closed, forcing her thighs to bar his entry. He snorted a laugh.
‘I think she’s gonna fight it,’ he said, taking hold of her underwear band.
‘I love it when they fight,’ another said.
Her underwear was torn, and she knew it had loosened, but Flick kept her thighs together. The bed shifted again, and a heavy body landed on hers, then a wet tongue lapped at her neck.
‘Oh you’re gonna love what we have in store,’ the slobberer said.
Pulling the skirt of her dress all the way up to her waist, he tried to get his hand between the clamp of her thighs, but Flick kicked and tried to scream again.
‘Open up for me little thing, you’ll love it. I’m gonna take good care of you.’
‘Please,’ she whimpered. ‘Please let me go.’
‘Can’t do that, you’ve seen us,’ he said, trying to wiggle a finger downward.
Licking all the way to her cleavage, he bit her breast and Flick screamed again.
‘It’s not your turn!’ one of the others said. By the way the body on top of her rocked she knew he’d been shoved by his colleague. ‘Yeah! You went first the last time!’
Flick’s body shook, her head swam like she could pass out at any second, but still she cried. The disgusting weight of this lump on top of her made her fight but he was bigger, stronger, and her attempt to free herself was fruitless.
The three men started to snipe at each other, but then a door opened. Though there wasn’t much more light from the outer room it was enough to see that yes, she was cuffed to the bed, and there wasn’t another thing in this room. The space was apparently purpose built to ensure no escape was conceivable. The distraction gave her a chance to battle her bonds, but still to no avail.
‘What the hell you doing in here? You’re meant to be outside.’
‘Your turn on watch,’ the silhouette that filled the doorway said.
‘Hey no! We got fun here man!’
‘Don’t worry,’ the silhouette grumbled. ‘I’ll take over here.’



Yes, you heard me right, I said sex.
I feel a bit like a pinball at the moment, bouncing about all over the place, only to hit one wall and fire off into another. I don’t know what to do. I’m completely torn.
As I’ve told you guys before I’ve had contradicting opinions on the volume of sex had by Rushe and Flick. Now lets leave aside for a second that the word “Explicit” is in the title. Let us also leave aside that fact that just about every review references the fact that there is a copious amount of sex. Oh, and that there’s a warning in the description. Somehow readers are still surprised that there is so much sex in the book.
My frustration comes from the fact that half of readers want implied sex and half want explicit sex. Some want it soft and slow, others want Rushe to take what he wants. Maybe the most confusing part is when people talk about how unbelievable it is that Flick suddenly wants lots of sex. They are in an intense situation and most relationships start out heavy on the sex. Rushe wants it too but no one has mentioned that.
Anyway, it sounds like I’m pouting but I’m not, I’m just frustrated. Having readers connect with my work, and enjoy it, is my highest goal. But somehow I just can’t seem to do it. All I want to do is write interesting characters in interesting situations and entertain the audience, to have you engage with those I create.
When people read sci-fi they expect spaceships and/or unfathomable technology because it’s par for the course. Romance novels have to feature some physical connection, whether it’s a kiss, or an implied sex scene, there has to be something, doesn’t there?
I’m feeling the sting because I’m editing Explicit Detail (the Explicit Instruction sequel) so if the sex has to be cut, now is the time to do it. I’m tempted to get out the red pen. I’ll put in the warning this time that there is no sex whatsoever. Will that warning work? I made a joke once about writing a “clean” version and an “author’s cut”, it would delay publication but I’m increasingly tempted to do just that.
Grr, I’m so indecisive. Does the sex matter? Should it make the final cut, or should readers be relied upon to use their imagination?

Good luck on your adventures,






So here comes the announcement you have all been waiting for! Wait for it… Explicit Instruction will be released on the 26th of June 2014. That’s right! It’s set! Are you as excited as I am?
For all my talk about it I have to admit I’m so glad we got here. Things were touch and go there for a while, who remembers my moral dilemmas along the way? Well I tell you, it is what it is, and that’s is that.
I’ve decided on the title of my next project. That is the contemporary romance that will be released this summer ahead of the Mistake Me Not sequel (which is as of yet, untitled). Both are written so fear not, there won’t be any delays… famous last words!
I’ll tell you all about them when we’ve got over Explicit Instruction :p For anyone who hasn’t already, please check out the excerpt on the website. But don’t forget it carries a parental advisory. I will update the excerpts section this week with a segment of my next fun contemporary romance. Also keep your eyes peeled for the official Explicit Instruction description.
For now however, put the date in your diary, Explicit Instruction on June 26… this is one not to be missed!

Good luck on your adventures,



Time’s drawing in, and while coming to the end of one project I look to the next. I want to tell you more about my next project, but I can’t come up with a title! My creative juices must have been zapped – some evil must have replaced my coffee with decaf, lol.
I’ve changed the Explicit Instruction description, and I’m working out my dates for the release. In the meantime, I wanted to write a note to advise that The XY Factor will be free this Sunday – the fifteenth of June – don’t forget!
The first chapter of each of my novels is available at my website on the “Excerpts” page – just click on the cover to read. The excerpts include XY Factor and Explicit Instruction (alternatively you can click on the highlighted titles here to be taken directly to the excerpts). WARNING: The Explicit Instruction excerpt does contain adult themes.
Here’s the new Explicit Instruction description, let me know what you think:

A woman walks into a bar…
Stranded, Flick seeks salvation. Instead, she finds herself living in a nightmare, under threat of physical and sexual assault, but Flick can see no way out.
Yet, an unexpected reprieve comes in the form of a stranger; a looming silhouette more terrifying than the evil that captured her. She learns that danger has an alias, Rushe. Abrupt, crude, and domineering he becomes her only hope for survival.
Stolen away Flick has to rely on Rushe’s instincts to keep her alive. But rescuing her saviour from his own demise changes things… or does it?
Flick entrusts her life to Rushe, but he still cannot bring himself to stand down from red-alert. There’s more going on than Flick understands and Rushe does not intend to give her any of the details.
Freedom becomes a distant memory. The further into the criminal plot she is drawn, the deeper her entanglement with Rushe becomes. Without him, Flick won’t survive, but to him she is nothing more than a liability.
The adventure she started by accident threatens her life and his; then Rushe does something unexpected and Flick knows it’s not only her life she is battling for, it’s her heart as well.

Good luck on your adventures,




Controversy, it’s part of our lives. You can’t turn around in this day and age without hearing about someone who has offended someone else. We all have to learn to be more tolerant, and to move with the times. The world is changing, and have to accept that yes, we really are all equal. On the flip side of that everyone is entitled to their opinion. As I’m writing this I suddenly find myself aware that I’ve probably offended a stack of people already.
So you’re wondering what I’ve been smoking this morning? Don’t worry, I’m perfectly healthy – at least that’s what the voices in my head tell me 😛
I’ve been mulling over Explicit Instruction. I’ve been doing it for weeks, and got some reassurance from a GoodReads discussion. The issue is that it’s explicit. I’ve mentioned before that it’s got a lot of sex and violence.
I’m new to the publishing thing so I’m concerned that those who have read Mistake Me Not might read it and be offended because there is strong language in it. On the other hand I don’t want new readers to experience Explicit Instruction and then download my other titles and be disappointed.
I’ve gone back and forth and had kind of convinced myself just to own it, you know, it’s there. It is what it is, and folks can take from it what they want. It’s Marmite. I’m link happy today :p
So Explicit Instruction is what it is and I’ve already realised that there’s no rush to get it out, because of that I’ve gone back to my mulling.
I’m working on a new RS title. I know. I know. I bounce from one project and straight onto the next. I love writing. I do it everywhere 😉 I sit in front of the TV with my Pukka pad. I write in my car (not while driving. I did that once and kept pressing the horn. Not really something you want to do when you’re actually acting illegally – “look at me”. Needless to say I’ve never done that again). I wake up in the middle of the night and write down a line of dialogue that just popped into my head. If an idea comes into my head while I’m in the shower I get out immediately – who needs to shave their legs ;). I tried writing on the tile but I type faster; won’t they hurry up and make the shower proof laptop :p Emoticon happy too it seems.
Where was I, oh yeah, new RS. I’ve got the first chapter all but done; approximately three thousand words so just shy. But it’s longhand on paper so I can’t give you an exact figure.
Writers have to handle rejection well and criticism too. Why did I bounce to this idea? I get excited about new projects like super excited. So because I’ve had a couple of reviews that made me stop and think, and bring Explicit Instruction into doubt again, the easiest thing? Start all over again.
Ideas aren’t a problem. Writing is hard work but I’m committed, sometimes (like all writers) too committed. It’s impossible to please everyone as I’ve discovered in my life so I’ll do what I always do and follow my instinct. I’ll let Explicit Instruction percolate for a while, and see if demand increases for my next work. In the mean time I’ll continue with my new project.
That being said, you all know that Explicit Instruction is finished. Did you notice I added an excerpt on my ‘Coming soon…’ section of the blog (also accessible at the top of this page). It’s not the whole excerpt available at the back of Mistake Me Not but it’s the first part. Have a read and if you like it go to the bottom of the page and “Like” Facebook (in the footer of all of my pages). If you want more I’ll post the rest on here. Then when I have enough newsletter subscribers I’ll send out the next part of Explicit Instruction in my newsletter.
I think it’s important to get you guys involved in the process as well as the outcome. So excerpts will certainly feature regularly in my newsletter. As always if you guys have any ideas, comments, or questions get in touch. Details are on the website and you can also sign up to the newsletter there. Scroll to the bottom of the webpage and enter your email address, that’s it. Don’t forget to “like” Facebook below if you want more of the Explicit Instruction excerpt posted on here. One more for the road 😉

Good luck on your adventures,