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As an extension of my post yesterday I have decided to compile a list of services that are available to indie authors. Sometimes it can be really difficult, especially when you’re starting out, to know what you’re looking for. Even after you decide to do something it can still be tough to find those out there who can facilitate your project.
So I asked on Facebook for those who provided author services to share links so that I could make a list. Some of these service providers I have used some I have not. It’s up to you to use this list as a starting point. It’s a resource for your research. Some of the services offered will be free and others you will have to pay for, but you will have to create a contract with the provider before you commit to services.
So, check out the websites, do some reading and some chatting, then make decisions and move forward. Good luck!


Book Blogs – Reviews & Promotion
Book blogs can open up your work to a world of readers. Some provide book reviews only. Others provide cover reveal events, blog tours, release blitzes and much more!
Don’t be afraid to ask questions so that you know exactly what to expect from the blog.
NOTE: Sales and/or reviews are NEVER guaranteed, so be wary of those who commit to figures.

BitN Book Promoters
BB’s Book Reviews
EDGy Reviews FacebookEDGy Reviews Website
Honest Book Reviews
Madelynn Hill
United Indie Book Blog
the SBB Girls Facebookthe SBB Girls Website
Summer’s Book Blog FacebookSummer’s Book Blog Website
SBB Promotions
Ultimate Fan Blog FacebookUltimate Fan Blog Website
JJ Book Bangers FacebookJJ Book Bangers Website
Melissa Tapp – Free Blog Tours
Anything But Vanilla Book Blog
Smutty Book Friends FacebookSmutty Book Friends Website
Books According To Abby
Dympna’s Book Blog
Book Heathens FacebookBook Heathens Website
Trust Me 2 Forget

PR companies provide a range of services and each should be researched to find the best one for you. Talk to your PR agent in depth to ensure you are comfortable with them before committing.

Indie Sage
Pure Texuality PR
The Hype PR

You’ve all heard that every book needs an editor and boy is that true. Again, talk to your editor to be sure they understand your vision. Many editors offer beta reading services too. But there is a range of readers out there who can be reached through GoodReads or Facebook who will beta read for you for no fee!

Alchemy And Words Facebook Alchemy And Words Website
Mickey Reed Editing
Editing For You
Edits by V
Starfire Press FacebookStarfire Press Website
Kims Editing Services

Book Covers/Graphics
Check out previous works from book cover artists and get chatting to them. They can help you hone your ideas and produce something that you’ve envisioned, or they can work from scratch and surprise you with their talent!

Mirishka’s Artwork FacebookMirishka’s Artwork Website
Rio Book Cover Art
Bee Graphica
Novel Needs – also provide PA and editing services

Formatting is essential. It will be noticed even before a reader picks up on a typo. All authors should present a professional product and to do that you need to get your formatting exactly right.

Formatting Done Wright
Shanoff Formats


This is not a full-comprehensive list. There are thousands of websites and service providers out there for authors. Please email me with any questions you have or if you would like to leave your own recommendations I can add those to the list too. Hopefully, this will guide those who are starting out on their indie journey or be useful to veteran authors looking for a new infusion of blood into their work.

Good luck on your adventures,

Love of darkness and light…



We now have a Facebook group to discuss all of my novels. Today the complete first chapter of Explicit Detail was uploaded to the group. Yes, the complete first chapter! So head on over and check it out. Tonight there will be a special announcement, intrigued?
Click on the image above to come on over 🙂



So we had some questions put forth and it is my pleasure to be able to answer them. I’m always happy for anyone to get in touch with any queries that they have for me and if there are more after this then I am certainly willing to write another blog based on them. I can probably get hold of Rushe and Flick too if you have any questions for them 😉
But lets get cracking on today’s selection.

Question One
Who do you create first, the hero or heroine?

It largely depends on where inspiration comes from. Some novels begin with a character and others with scenarios. I don’t think it would be much of a surprise to learn that in the case of Explicit Instruction Rushe came to me first. The novel itself is actually about him, despite being from Flick’s point of view. Such a strong man with such clear characteristics was vivid from the outset. Everything else came from him, he dominates the piece.
But in other novels the heroine may come first, or even a secondary character. There have even been times when the couple came to me at the same time!

Question Two
Is it hard to come up with ideas/characteristics for non-typical romance Heroes (ie Rushe, Sloane)?

I have to be honest and say that non-typical heroes are actually my favourite kind. I don’t think it’s difficult to come up with the ideas for them and their traits but it can be more difficult to sell them to the reader. A lot of readers enjoy non-typical heroes, but there is still an expectation of how a hero should act towards his heroine. It’s extremely important for me that the respect remains intact between our couple, and as the writer it’s my job to ensure that the message of the relationship isn’t lost. Hence why consent is such an important factor for Rushe. Making that feature in his personality so prominent to the reader allowed me, the author, to communicate the maintained respect, despite the intense situation.

Question Three
Are any of your characters based on real people, or do they all come straight from your imagination?

Ah, I’ll have to be careful with this one! Yes, I have written characters based on real people.
Some of my characters share the odd trait here and there with people I know in real life, however the majority of my characters do come entirely from my imagination.
But, for those of you who have read The XY Factor you may remember Nick and Bella? They have their own novel, which is based before Sloan and Darcy’s. Their journey to happiness was bumpy too but an awful lot of fun. In their story there are two characters based on people in my life… I wonder if they’d recognise themselves…

I hope these answers have enlightened some of you. Please contact me with anymore questions you have, or head on over to Facebook and ask them there. Remember, if you don’t ask, you may never know!

Good luck on your adventures,



Success is a relative term that we all have to define for ourselves. When I started my publishing journey I had to learn about a lot of new things that I hadn’t considered before. Ironically, the easiest part of this whole process is the writing! Yes, that’s the part I find myself retreating to when the rest of this experience becomes too much.
Has my writing style and process changed since I released my first novel? Yes. You have to let it be organic. Every new experience adjusts our perspective, so our writing will always adjust to compensate.
But what I didn’t do was make a concrete assertion of what “success” would look like. I suppose we all have a vague idea of what it would look like to achieve our dreams. But when you start on the path to try and realise your ambition the whole thing takes on a new configuration.
I’m not actually here to talk about writing, but as I previously stated, writing is my go to place when I’m struggling elsewhere. So why am I here? I’m not really sure, to be honest. I sat staring at the empty post for a while… and that’s not like me. I’m one of these strange people who love the white, blank page. It doesn’t intimidate me, it excites me, because it lies there ready to absorb the adventure, to record the comedy and drama woven in the words.
But I sat and I stared… I could write about writing. I could write about publishing. I could write about process. I could talk about opinion. Today, I’m vexed by a challenge that I can’t overcome. I can’t think my way out of it. I can’t write my way out of it. With those two avenues exhausted I sit and I stare.
I can write full-length romantic fiction. I can publish novels in various digital formats and in paperback. I can create and maintain websites. I can blog. I can interact on social media. Other than the first, these are all things that I’ve had to learn since I started this publishing journey. What can’t I do? Find a way to encourage readers to engage with me as a writer.
I don’t know if it’s me. I don’t know if it’s my novels. But no matter how much I talk to and question people, and generally try to encourage dialogue, readers are reluctant. Why is that?
So I do what any sane person would do, I consult the plan for achieving my goal… hmm… What does success look like? Goals in writing can be severely narrowed… “I must edit this many chapters this week…” “I must reach this word count.” “I must write the blurb, description, design a cover…” “Come up with a character name…” the list is endless. But because it can be divided into so many segments it’s easy to focus on each task and ignore the big picture.
At first it’s just a wonder to see your book on Amazon! Then it’s amazing to see the red line on your sales dashboard graph move at all. All of these little feats become cause for celebration. Mastering the tasks in themselves can feel like climbing mountains and reaching summits. What do you do when you’re over the mound of learning, and comfortable enough in the process, then realise that you’re lacking?
You try to find a task to complete… but there isn’t one. You can’t achieve a task toward a goal when you don’t know what success looks like. I do wonder how other indies measure their success, is it in sales? Maybe its in monetary terms? Or maybe it’s the number of dedicated fans that they have?
Success is relative, but I still don’t know where it stands in relation to me… could it be hiding around the next corner? But if you’re standing on the road alone, when is it time to accept that you’ve taken a wrong turn?

Good luck on your adventures,


Explicit Instruction


Manic. Manic.
I woke up to do with a list of things to do. I did those. Did some writing, then had task after task interrupting. Anyway, I’m still bashing away at the keyboard but I wanted to let you know I’ve set up a poll. Check it out on Facebook or on my website.
I promise you that every vote will count. So please make sure you make a choice… though I don’t envy you!

Good luck on your adventures,



Hello guys!
SPECIAL NEWS ANNOUNCEMENT: Explicit Instruction is available now! I’ve put the link below for you all to check it out when you can. It’s been a long journey and finally we’re here. I look forward to receiving your feedback about this novel, and I very much hope you enjoy embarking on another adventure with me!

Good luck on your adventures,

Twitter: @finnscarlett

Headless chicken

I promise to write something meaningful as soon as I have time to spare! But in the meantime I wanted to let you know that Explicit Instruction is on Goodreads! So check it out, there is a review there already, and remember to add it to your lists!


Good luck on your adventures,



Buzz, buzz, buzz! No, a bumblebee hasn’t infected your computer I’m doing what I’m supposed to… aren’t I? What is hype anyway? I mean really, how can anyone manufacture it? I’m a writer, I’m not in marketing. If I was it would be a lot less “logos” and far more “epics”. I need a hundred thousand words to commence, elaborate, and conclude my point – it’s what I do! Don’t think I’d last long in marketing, do you?
So here it is. I have tried my best to create some kind of online presence. My work speaks for itself and if people want to read it, which I hope they do, then they’ll always know where it is. I’ve made its location clear, and I’m always open to communication – to communicate click on the word and seek the contact form.
So I’m going to put my money where my mouth is and let my work speak for itself. Ahh! I’ll give you the final description:

Stranded and searching for a phone, Flick inadvertently walks into danger, and finds herself living in a nightmare. But an unexpected reprieve comes in the form of a stranger, a looming silhouette more terrifying than the evil that captured her. From him she learns that danger has an alias, Rushe. He is abrupt, crude, domineering…and her only hope for survival.
With freedom a distant memory, Flick is reluctantly drawn into the criminal plot. As she descends further, her entanglement with Rushe becomes deeper. The adventure she started by accident threatens them; but Flick knows it’s not only her life she is battling for, it’s her heart as well.

I was going to post another sneaky snippet… an extended sneaky snippet! But I don’t want to give the game away… actually I couldn’t decide what to post. If you want another sneaky snippet let me know! Go to the website and fill in the contact form!
Explicit Instruction, available to buy as an e-book from Thursday June 26… providing Amazon play nice 😀

Good luck on your adventures,






So here comes the announcement you have all been waiting for! Wait for it… Explicit Instruction will be released on the 26th of June 2014. That’s right! It’s set! Are you as excited as I am?
For all my talk about it I have to admit I’m so glad we got here. Things were touch and go there for a while, who remembers my moral dilemmas along the way? Well I tell you, it is what it is, and that’s is that.
I’ve decided on the title of my next project. That is the contemporary romance that will be released this summer ahead of the Mistake Me Not sequel (which is as of yet, untitled). Both are written so fear not, there won’t be any delays… famous last words!
I’ll tell you all about them when we’ve got over Explicit Instruction :p For anyone who hasn’t already, please check out the excerpt on the website. But don’t forget it carries a parental advisory. I will update the excerpts section this week with a segment of my next fun contemporary romance. Also keep your eyes peeled for the official Explicit Instruction description.
For now however, put the date in your diary, Explicit Instruction on June 26… this is one not to be missed!

Good luck on your adventures,