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Desperate for aid, Doctor Lyssa Cutler takes a tip from a police officer who can’t officially help her, but knows someone who can – off the record. With an unidentified stalker on her tail, her patients and her practice are in jeopardy so she’s ready to take a risk. Colt Warner knows that this woman will be difficult, but she is so intriguing that he can’t bring himself to turn down her case. But when her specialty in sexual dysfunction brings her into the lives of him and his brothers, Colt wouldn’t have it any other way. Their professional connection quickly becomes personal and Colt finds himself needing Lyssa as much as she needs him.

Desperate for aid, Doctor Lyssa Cutler takes a tip from a police officer who can’t officially help her, but knows someone who can – off the record. With an unidentified stalker on her tail, her patients and her practice are in jeopardy so she’s ready to take a risk.
Colt Warner knows that this woman will be difficult, but she is so intriguing that he can’t bring himself to turn down her case. But when her specialty in sexual dysfunction brings her into the lives of him and his brothers, Colt wouldn’t have it any other way.
Their professional connection quickly becomes personal and Colt finds himself needing Lyssa as much as she needs him.

Wow! What’s this? Another new release?
This book, Take A Risk, is available today! Click here to purchase your copy now!


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For all the media coverage, both positive and negative, that Amazon has had over recent weeks, months… years. We indie authors do have a lot to thank them for. We work hard to provide the best product that we can but Amazon allow us to reach an audience far further ranging than we could on our own. And they keep on giving…
The pre-order function was a complete surprise. I know a lot of indies have been clamouring for it and to have our voice recognised is very much appreciated.
We do have to pause, however, at this stage and ask ourselves if this is perhaps Amazon’s way of asserting their dominance in the marketplace. Their dispute with Hachette has seen many well-known authors be denied the pre-order function and authors have been sucked into the middle of the debate with newspaper ads and a letter writing campaign, etc. It is possible this is Amazon’s attempt to curry favour among the self-published.
But we scratch their back so they scratch ours. Indies generate revenue for Amazon and Amazon offer readers. Permitting indies to set up their books on pre-order does allow us to operate more professionally. The hope is that indies will live up to the expectation Amazon have put on us by giving us this option.
So what do we get? On our KDP Bookshelf when we “add new title” we are given a new section to complete in section four:


We can choose a release date within the next ninety days, but have to submit the completed manuscript to Amazon ten days before. Great, right? To proceed you do have to send them your draft manuscript for approval. Once they have seen that there is enough book there to take the risk on, I guess, then your product page is created.
If you don’t get the final manuscript to them by the stated date then you have breached the terms of the agreement and you will be suspended from using the pre-order function for a year, can’t say fairer than that.
I think it’s terrific. I really do. I hope this is the first of many steps on Amazon’s part to provide a more equal platform for all authors. But we cannot waste this opportunity. Using this function because it is a novelty could be dangerous, if many indies don’t fulfill their end of the bargain Amazon may have a re-think. So bear that in mind!
Readers, well, now you can ensure to have all the novels you want from the moment they’re available. The options are out there for you to choose what you want and it will be delivered to your device on release date. Simples.

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Explicit Mistake1

Series’ are all the rage.
When I first published I had an idea of what I would publish and when. I had several books completed and so envisaged preparing and releasing each of them as I went along. What I hadn’t factored in was that readers would care about my work.
I don’t sell very many books, I know that the world of indie publishing often leaves many authors languishing in obscurity because of the sheer volume of available books if nothing else. I always wrote the kind of books that I would want to read, I write as a reader.
Mistake Me Not drew varying feedback but there was always going to be a book two. I’d written it before I published the first. Explicit Instruction, I have to be honest, is my favourite. I relished writing every single word, and though my confidence in how it would be received flagged, I toned it down in the editing process and I’m proud of the end result – even if there are those out there who are not.
But I hadn’t thought anyone would want another Explicit novel. I’d written an outline for a second novel but that’s not unusual for me. Sometimes I write chapters and chapters after I’ve completed a novel because I’m not yet ready to give up the characters, and I’m interested in how they develop, in where they go. I hadn’t thought anyone else would care!
So how to decide? I have to admit that since I realised people were interested in further Rushe and Flick novels my mind has been jumping with ideas. I couldn’t sleep last night because of them. I actually got up in the middle of the night and started making notes.
So what’s the problem? Well the problem is that I promised this MMN sequel and I am doing it, I will get it out this year, but I don’t imagine there are many people anticipating it.
Both novels have been enjoyed by people who have read them, not by everyone who read them, but you’ll never please everyone. I suppose my dilemma comes from the fact that there isn’t a huge audience. I would be happy to write for the dozen or so folks who have expressed interest in a sequel but chances are they’ll have forgotten about it by the time I get it out.
The only thing to do is to keep writing. I’ll get the MMN sequel out, then see if the audience for more Explicit novels has grown. The nature of the characters mean that more Explicit novels would continue to be graphic. Rushe isn’t going to suddenly become a flurry bunny, and Flick’s confidence would skyrocket knowing she had Rushe at her back. The language and imagery will continue to offend some people, but I would have to stay true to the style of work that the original Explicit book follows.
I’d like to write more but it’s a big decision to make. My other novels are softer, safer, and if my readers expect that then I’ll have to deliver. But – and this is a big but – if it turns out that my readers actually prefer my raunchier work then way-hey! Let’s get to it!
I can’t put Explicit Instruction in front of too many people because it’s just not suitable for all. But without readers there is no point in a sequel.
Grr! See how frustrating it is to be in my head! Anyway, I’m procrastiwriting, I should be writing, and I’m not. My head is bouncing. It’s at times like these I wish I had an editor to help direct my creativity. I’ll write what people want, for the largest audience. But how do I know what that is?

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Hello guys!
SPECIAL NEWS ANNOUNCEMENT: Explicit Instruction is available now! I’ve put the link below for you all to check it out when you can. It’s been a long journey and finally we’re here. I look forward to receiving your feedback about this novel, and I very much hope you enjoy embarking on another adventure with me!

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So here comes the announcement you have all been waiting for! Wait for it… Explicit Instruction will be released on the 26th of June 2014. That’s right! It’s set! Are you as excited as I am?
For all my talk about it I have to admit I’m so glad we got here. Things were touch and go there for a while, who remembers my moral dilemmas along the way? Well I tell you, it is what it is, and that’s is that.
I’ve decided on the title of my next project. That is the contemporary romance that will be released this summer ahead of the Mistake Me Not sequel (which is as of yet, untitled). Both are written so fear not, there won’t be any delays… famous last words!
I’ll tell you all about them when we’ve got over Explicit Instruction :p For anyone who hasn’t already, please check out the excerpt on the website. But don’t forget it carries a parental advisory. I will update the excerpts section this week with a segment of my next fun contemporary romance. Also keep your eyes peeled for the official Explicit Instruction description.
For now however, put the date in your diary, Explicit Instruction on June 26… this is one not to be missed!

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Egg timer

The title is perhaps somewhat optimistic but that’s what I’m blogging about today – reviews! I’m talking about them for two reasons, well three reasons I suppose, but the last one isn’t so specific.
Before I get to that let’s take a minute and think about reviews. Whether they are good or bad, reviews have an affect on the creator. It’s inevitable. When it’s a bad review some might sulk, or cry, or shout… ok, maybe that’s extreme, but it’s a negative impact. A positive review causes a positive reaction… thank goodness I’m here to point out the bleeding obvious, eh?
Us creative types have a flair for the dramatic at the best of times. But reviews aren’t about us. Reviews are about you, the reader, the consumer of our creative outcomes. The creator can learn from constructive reviews, improve on weak points highlighted, so reviews can actually help us. I know I’ve paid heed to some of the reviews I got for Mistake Me Not in my new work Explicit Instruction.
But it’s you. When you read a negative review either it makes you more eager for the product, or turns you off entirely. If there was a magic wand to wave that would make everyone like everything I’m sure someone would wave it. Though I imagine that would make for a rather dull world, what are we without debate?
But enough with the existential, I’m supposed to be preparing for launch.
That’s right, you heard me, the countdown for Explicit Instruction has begun. I’ll be releasing the ARC’s next week, so I’m looking forward to seeing what my reviewers think of Explicit Instruction – especially after I’ve been waffling about it all this time.
Rivals ON AIR is in need of reviews, and I’ve been sending out free copies for those who guarantee a review. If you’re interested go to my website and fill out the contact form with your email and preferred format. There are excerpts there on the website too if you want to read the Rivals ON AIR excerpt before you commit to reading the whole thing.
So reason one was the ARC’s of Explicit Instruction to highlight how close I am to launch. Reason two was about the Rivals ON AIR freebie to those who will review on Amazon. And the last reason is this, Mistake Me Not will soon lose its free status, so if there’s anyone who would like a copy of that to review please grab it off Amazon before the price goes up. If you’re reading this after that date please go to my website and ask me directly for it.
Last reminder – XY Factor is free on Sunday, don’t forget! You could never tell I’m not in this for the money, could you? :p

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Truth behind the myth...


So Rivals ON AIR is out, clearing that from my calendar was a relief I’ll tell you. It’s nice to know it’s out there ready to be read. But I’ve done zero promotion and that’s maybe not a good thing. I’ll get around to it but I’m down to my last leg of the first draft of my next novel. I’m so close I can smell the finish line.
I’ve worked hard this week with various deadlines to meet but it’s like people say – when you’re doing something you love it doesn’t feel like work, and it’s true. My body doesn’t necessarily agree, when meals are missed and when it doesn’t see daylight for a couple of days. But my brain is happy.
Getting blinkered during a project can be the most invigorating and frustrating experience. When I can’t type fast enough to get the ideas out I push and push and push, then I realise I’ve done it! I’m there and it’s a home run!
With a few stretches after my typical rounds of the web essentials I then have to be creative – now! I roll my sleeves up (figuratively) and get on with it. Then my alarm goes to alert me to dinner time and I wonder where the day has gone because I’m sure I just sat down.
The worrying thing of course is when you realise the closest thing you’ve had to adult conversation in a week is your one-sided conversations with your laptop. I mean it speaks back – in my head of course – I know what Val is thinking, we spend enough time together after all. When she starts to lag or moan I remind her that she’s inanimate and has no excuse. I’m human. I haven’t eaten. I haven’t slept. So I don’t know what she is whining about.
Switching back to the real world is jarring. Rushing down the stairs and out the door this week I was assaulted by the bright glare of sunshine – I was wearing a scarf and heavy coat – it was raining the last time I went out… a few days ago.
I’m sure my bewilderment is as disconcerting to the masses, or my neighbours at least. Yes, situations like that previously mentioned are embarrassing but I’m sure my random smiling is more worrying. Still, at least I know it has a purpose, and there’s nothing like that moment of clarity when you know exactly what character A will say to character C, lol.
Typically as I’ve decided to shelf the Mistake Me Not sequel until at least after my next release sales have taken off. Great, I love it. It’s such a thrill to know that people are enjoying Lacie and Ryder. I relished my own love for them in the excerpt at the end of Rivals ON AIR. It’s saucy :p
But once I’ve rounded off the end of ‘Explicit Instruction’ I’ll maybe switch focus back. Writing the romantic suspense is such a gear change from the chicklit stuff. I love both but they require completely different mental processes. But ‘Explicit Instruction’ (my new project) has been very organic (as Annie Chambers from Rivals ON AIR would say). I think you guys will enjoy it. I hope you will. I’ve just written the final showdown so all that’s left is to tie up the ends – very exciting!
So I should get back to it, I hope you’re all enjoying your own adventures, and always remember to check the weather before you go out the house – learn from my mistake.


Free on Amazon now!

Mistake Me Not – Free on Amazon now!

It’s been a while I know but I’ve been a busy bee. I should say upfront that Mistake Me Not is free on Amazon at the moment so please feel free to check it out if you haven’t already, and please let any curious friends know too.
I’m outlining the details of a new project at the moment, which I am thrilled about. Rivals ON AIR has been edited and will be released at the beginning of May!
My new project is another romantic suspense novel; it starts with the heroine’s cab breaking down and her day goes from that to worse 🙂 I’m very excited about it but I’m very excited about everything I write. With this novel I’m having a debate with myself about how much – or rather how graphic – I want to make the intimate scenes. Those that I have sketched are quite graphic but I want to be loyal to my audience. Some books don’t require details and sometimes it feels natural so I’ll consider the different avenues.
As I’ve said in the past I have several novels finished. My decision at the moment is about if I should carry on editing and releasing, or if I should just concentrate on my writing.
Since I’ve started publishing I have enjoyed getting my work out there to be read. Some characters, or situations, in particular stick out for me and I’d like others to enjoy them too. I have two in mind for release next (whether now or later). I won’t make a final decision until after I’ve got my new project laid out, and seen how Rivals ON AIR goes across.
With the spring break I’ve had my son, and my relatives, around so it’s taken some time away from my usual work routine – hence the delay in blogging. When I write something for you guys I like to think it can be informative and entertaining. So what should I do? Are you more interested in how I lay projects out? How I edit? Or how I choose what to release and when?
I have to say that while I love all of my work I am leaning a little toward the next Stone Investigations installment. But quantity isn’t as important as quality and so I might wait until I’m a novel ahead on that one. Mistake Me Not has been received well, and I’ve been grateful for all your words of support. I can’t wait for you all to read Rivals ON AIR, and if anyone wants another sneak peek of that one let me know. I’m happy to reward those of you who go through the process with me because writing here does help me out.
So I’ll leave you to your reading time. I’ll get my little one back to school and get back to my routine then we’ll see where the adventure takes us. I can’t wait.