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After the rousing success of my last blog post. I decided to supplement it with some specific promotional services available to indie authors. There are a lot of choices out there and we never know which ones are worth pursuing and which should be ignored.
But the first step is having the right information. So below are a series of links to various promotional services for you to look into, research, and make your own decisions. I personally have not used all of these services, so please do your research, no guarantees for sales and/or reviews can be given.

Melissa Tapp – Free Blog Tours
Monark Design Services
Sweet n Sassy FacebookSweet n Sassy Website
Book Heathens Website
Anything But Vanilla Book BlogAnything But Vanilla Promotional Services
Book Rhythm
Pure Texuality PR
Ashley Wheels Promotions
Honest Book Reviews
The Literary Whisp FacebookThe Literary Whisp Website
Like A Boss Book Promotions
Raven PA FacebookRaven PA Website

We didn’t get quite as many responses to this request as we did for the last one. But these are some of the choices available all in one place. I wish you all success!

Good luck on your adventures,


Love of darkness and light…



As an extension of my post yesterday I have decided to compile a list of services that are available to indie authors. Sometimes it can be really difficult, especially when you’re starting out, to know what you’re looking for. Even after you decide to do something it can still be tough to find those out there who can facilitate your project.
So I asked on Facebook for those who provided author services to share links so that I could make a list. Some of these service providers I have used some I have not. It’s up to you to use this list as a starting point. It’s a resource for your research. Some of the services offered will be free and others you will have to pay for, but you will have to create a contract with the provider before you commit to services.
So, check out the websites, do some reading and some chatting, then make decisions and move forward. Good luck!


Book Blogs – Reviews & Promotion
Book blogs can open up your work to a world of readers. Some provide book reviews only. Others provide cover reveal events, blog tours, release blitzes and much more!
Don’t be afraid to ask questions so that you know exactly what to expect from the blog.
NOTE: Sales and/or reviews are NEVER guaranteed, so be wary of those who commit to figures.

BitN Book Promoters
BB’s Book Reviews
EDGy Reviews FacebookEDGy Reviews Website
Honest Book Reviews
Madelynn Hill
United Indie Book Blog
the SBB Girls Facebookthe SBB Girls Website
Summer’s Book Blog FacebookSummer’s Book Blog Website
SBB Promotions
Ultimate Fan Blog FacebookUltimate Fan Blog Website
JJ Book Bangers FacebookJJ Book Bangers Website
Melissa Tapp – Free Blog Tours
Anything But Vanilla Book Blog
Smutty Book Friends FacebookSmutty Book Friends Website
Books According To Abby
Dympna’s Book Blog
Book Heathens FacebookBook Heathens Website
Trust Me 2 Forget

PR companies provide a range of services and each should be researched to find the best one for you. Talk to your PR agent in depth to ensure you are comfortable with them before committing.

Indie Sage
Pure Texuality PR
The Hype PR

You’ve all heard that every book needs an editor and boy is that true. Again, talk to your editor to be sure they understand your vision. Many editors offer beta reading services too. But there is a range of readers out there who can be reached through GoodReads or Facebook who will beta read for you for no fee!

Alchemy And Words Facebook Alchemy And Words Website
Mickey Reed Editing
Editing For You
Edits by V
Starfire Press FacebookStarfire Press Website
Kims Editing Services

Book Covers/Graphics
Check out previous works from book cover artists and get chatting to them. They can help you hone your ideas and produce something that you’ve envisioned, or they can work from scratch and surprise you with their talent!

Mirishka’s Artwork FacebookMirishka’s Artwork Website
Rio Book Cover Art
Bee Graphica
Novel Needs – also provide PA and editing services

Formatting is essential. It will be noticed even before a reader picks up on a typo. All authors should present a professional product and to do that you need to get your formatting exactly right.

Formatting Done Wright
Shanoff Formats


This is not a full-comprehensive list. There are thousands of websites and service providers out there for authors. Please email me with any questions you have or if you would like to leave your own recommendations I can add those to the list too. Hopefully, this will guide those who are starting out on their indie journey or be useful to veteran authors looking for a new infusion of blood into their work.

Good luck on your adventures,

Love of darkness and light…


The XY Factor – Amazon US

The XY Factor – Amazon UK


The two of them may have grown up in the same town but their ways couldn’t have been more different – he was the rebel and she the invisible princess. No one knew of the chance encounter between Darcy and Sloan on his last night in town almost a decade and a half ago.
But when Inverquay needs money Darcy steps up to take part in her worst nightmare – a TV talent show. Things don’t go to plan and she ends up under the glare of the media spotlight. In the big bad city she’s alone, and to a small town girl that’s inconceivable; but no one knows why she’s there so Darcy has no one to rely on.
Sloan swore he’d never go back to Inverquay and after thirteen years he’d rid himself of the town that had forsaken him. Until he stumbles upon the girl he met only hours before he roared away from Inverquay on his bike, and she trusts him… now why in the hell would she do something as stupid as that?

Click for Reviews




Rivals ON AIR – Amazon US

Rivals ON AIR – Amazon UK


Rivals on reality radio… one award nomination reception… one picture.

Hunter and Annie hadn’t met, not until they were thrown together by their bosses to justify that kiss. One kiss, one picture, and their worlds collide.
Their audiences clamour for more. The press are speculating, and truthfully… they can’t stand each other. But now they’re in each other’s lives, because how can they walk away from that picture with their credibility?
Each spend show after show goading and teasing the other, so their bosses come up with the solution – fall in love… though not really, of course.
Nevertheless, the competition is heating up and the numbers are too close to call. Hunter’s boss Theo won’t have it. They need edge. They have to win this, because both stations are running the same format. Whoever wins the award takes it all… the loser will have to cancel.
Annie’s getting under Hunter’s skin. Theo questions his professionalism, and demands that he proves his mettle. Ethical, schmethical – get into the girl’s underwear, make her believe it’s real, and she’ll be begging them to win the award.
The fragile trust between the pair burgeons, yet their careers drive their lives, and this was always just a gimmick… wasn’t it?
Then Annie makes the move and invites Hunter into her bed… what’s a man to do?

Click for reviews


Check out the books if you can guys 🙂 Excerpts of each can be found on the website –

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Just a quick one guys to let you know that my website is now simply:

I’ve updated the site with some news and reviews. If you can, go and have a look!

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Egg timer

The title is perhaps somewhat optimistic but that’s what I’m blogging about today – reviews! I’m talking about them for two reasons, well three reasons I suppose, but the last one isn’t so specific.
Before I get to that let’s take a minute and think about reviews. Whether they are good or bad, reviews have an affect on the creator. It’s inevitable. When it’s a bad review some might sulk, or cry, or shout… ok, maybe that’s extreme, but it’s a negative impact. A positive review causes a positive reaction… thank goodness I’m here to point out the bleeding obvious, eh?
Us creative types have a flair for the dramatic at the best of times. But reviews aren’t about us. Reviews are about you, the reader, the consumer of our creative outcomes. The creator can learn from constructive reviews, improve on weak points highlighted, so reviews can actually help us. I know I’ve paid heed to some of the reviews I got for Mistake Me Not in my new work Explicit Instruction.
But it’s you. When you read a negative review either it makes you more eager for the product, or turns you off entirely. If there was a magic wand to wave that would make everyone like everything I’m sure someone would wave it. Though I imagine that would make for a rather dull world, what are we without debate?
But enough with the existential, I’m supposed to be preparing for launch.
That’s right, you heard me, the countdown for Explicit Instruction has begun. I’ll be releasing the ARC’s next week, so I’m looking forward to seeing what my reviewers think of Explicit Instruction – especially after I’ve been waffling about it all this time.
Rivals ON AIR is in need of reviews, and I’ve been sending out free copies for those who guarantee a review. If you’re interested go to my website and fill out the contact form with your email and preferred format. There are excerpts there on the website too if you want to read the Rivals ON AIR excerpt before you commit to reading the whole thing.
So reason one was the ARC’s of Explicit Instruction to highlight how close I am to launch. Reason two was about the Rivals ON AIR freebie to those who will review on Amazon. And the last reason is this, Mistake Me Not will soon lose its free status, so if there’s anyone who would like a copy of that to review please grab it off Amazon before the price goes up. If you’re reading this after that date please go to my website and ask me directly for it.
Last reminder – XY Factor is free on Sunday, don’t forget! You could never tell I’m not in this for the money, could you? :p

Good luck on your adventures,